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Noob MW Monk Help

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I have read and read until my eyes are sore but as a noob to healing and really WoW I can't seem to get my head around which is the right way to progress my Alt? I am in a guild but no one raids and no one will invite me to join them in raids as they say at LvL 504 I'm too low and I appreciate that? However in LFR there is no set pattern or logic in how the raid evolves its seems like Everyman or Woman for themselves and I just try and keep the tank and the DPS alive until the end? My idea of a MW monk was that I could also get up close and personnel in melee rang as well as this would buff my muscle memory and help maintain mana and chi but all I get is abuse from the tank or DPS telling me to stay out of the fight? So I stay out of the fight and send in my tiger and use Lightening but then I use up to much manner to heal everyone. Is it just me or am I missing something? I try to work to Ivy Veins rotation system and have even copied some macros from them I haven't however mastered key binding. As the best MW Monks players in the world are on this fantastic site please IN Layman terms can u throw this old sea dog a bone so I can in 20 years be as close to your levels as possible? Thank you all for this great site And all the work you guys and girls put in.


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I think a small and very minute problem is your gloves but besides that.


I dont think you should be having mana problems and its obviously not your knowledge so it must be your gameplay. If you didnt know many mistweavers now especially being late into the expansion are reforging AWAY from spirit into pure  crit or haste and geming for as much intellect for throughput. Crit being a regen and throughput stat as it gives extra mana teas.


As you might know consuming chi generates mana teas so you may not be consuming enough nor generating enough chi.


These guys are actually flooded with too much mana. If you check a world of logs of someone that plays one their lowest healing spell is a soothing mist and surging mist, they never cast surging mist unless someone is about to die. Soothing mist as a filler to generate extra chi. 


you also might want an effective way of tracking renewing mist on all targets and its duration to utilize thunder focus tea effectively  as well as throughput with uplift. 


Many mistweavers top healing spells are renewing mist, uplift, chi torpedo and revival. At least the ones ive checked through worldoflogs. They rarely cast enveloping mist as well from what ive seen. Lets face it in raid healing mistweavers arent the best single target/designated tank healers and the strength is in aoe healing.


I dont recommend Xuen as well as the healing could be waste overhealing and unpredictable. The other 2 options are far better but I prefer chi torpedo as it is FREE healing although it requires to look for groups of melee bunched together to utilize it.


Im not sure if my answer is good but the things i said seem to perform well and work for myself, I hope I helped somewhat and Im sure many others will know more than myself and will post.

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Those gloves are not a "small" problem. Equipping anything other than leather is inexcusable, because you lose out on a 5% Int buff from Leather Specialization. You need to get some leather gloves and equip them.


From what I'm seeing on your sheet, you just don't have a lot of raid experience. See if you can join some flex raids. Don't worry about getting into melee range unless you really know the fights - just focus on healing from range. Use ReM and Uplift as often as you can. Even if they overheal, you want to be steadily generating and spending Chi. It's great for throughput and good for mana recovery as well. Enveloping Mist is good if you have high tank damage. The good MW's I know barely use Surging Mist as it's too expensive and rarely needed.

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Too much spirit, too much mastery, not enough crit and right smack in the center of a haste breakpoint, on top of what was already said about the cloth gloves.  DO NOT WEAR CLOTH AS A MONK PERIOD.


This is how you should be gemming/enchanting/ etc





If you're having mana problems we can up the spirit cap.  Just let me know what other problems you're having


Use these glyphs: Renewing mists, Spinning Crane Kick, (Surging mists/fortifying brew)

Use these talents

  1. (Doesn't matter, but Tiger's lust is my favorite)
  2. Chi wave/burst (never zen sphere)
  3. Chi Brew (so much more utility and gives really good mana now)
  4. (Doesn't matter, but Leg Sweep and Ring of Peace are usually better options)
  5. Diffuse Magic/Dampen HArm (never use healing elixirs
  6. Xuen or Chi Torpedo. (RJW is not good atm as chi torpedo will usually outheal it)

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Thank you all I've taken what u all say on board and will Play more LFR and come back to you with the results. It's people like yourselves who make WOW enjoyable thank you very much.

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