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Eternal Collection Coming to PS4 / Xbox One

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It seems Blizzard will be selling Rise of the Necromancer DLC as part of the Eternal Collection, at least for PS4 / Xbox One. The collection contains the standard game, Reaper of Souls expansion and the Necromancer.

ESRB Rating


Rise of the Necromancer

Purchasing the DLC grants access to

  • The Necromancer - new playable class
  • An in-game pet
  • Wings
  • 2 character slots / stash tabs
  • Banner & Portrait

Blizzard hasn't announced the release date or pricing yet, but we can assume the Necromancer will launch with Season 11 the latest. Necromancer Sets were added to Haedrig's Gift Sets in Season 11.


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10 hours ago, Ilenelewis said:

The game is so amazing, I couldn't stop myself from being playing it one more time.

Gotta agree - I absolutely love playing the campaign. I had so much fun running through it as a Necro on release night.

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