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A warrior's question about Arms vs Fury

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Hi all,


I've been a Fury/Protection warrior for a while, playing casually -- lots of solo questing, some casual PvP in random BGs, and tanking for my guild on weekly dungeon runs.  I have two 2H weapons: the 2H Yak-Herder's Longstaff from the Timeless (upgraded to iLevel 484), with Dancing Steel; and a 2H Masterblade Spiritblade Decimator Axe (upgraded to iLevel 471), also with Dancing Steel.  I wield both with Titans Grip.


My question is: with those two weapons, am I better off switching to Arms, or does 2x Dancing Steel make it more efficient to stay in Fury?  Or is the second weapon holding me back in Fury?  Is there any theorycraft on this?  I suppose I could test on dummies now, then switch specs and compare, but I'm curious whether any of you gurus here have data on the question.


Arms would certainly be cheaper, as I wouldn't have to muster the 20K coins for a second Yak-Herder staff.  But I like the burst damage of Fury.


Thanks in advance for any thoughts.

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Since your Main Hand weapon in fury is the same as your weapon for Arms, comparing the spec will depend on the rest of your gear. If you're below 510 ilvl or so, Arms should be more efficient than Fury. If you're above that treshold then it depends what you're doing. 


Fury is a better single target damage spec, but Arms' AoE is much better, and it's easier to play than Fury. 


I'd say the verdict is, if you want to be optimal, take both if you can. 


Since you probably want to keep your prot spec, I'd suggest Prot/Arms.


However, at the end of the day, if you're playing casually, just play what you enjoy the most and you'll do more then fine with it :)


Hope it helps,



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Thanks, Rage.  That analysis makes sense to me.  I'm at iLevel 491, and yeah, I play pretty casually -- solo questing, tanking weekly heroic 5-man dungeons with my guild, PvP in random battlegrounds.  Haven't done much raiding.  


Right now, hanging out on the Timeless Isle, I'm kind of glad to have Fury's single-target burst damage against things like those frogs.  Gotta kill 'em fast before they kill me!  But yeah, I always have one eye on Colossus Smash; everything revolves around when that spell is on cooldown.  I recall Arms being a bit more open-ended.


Anyway, thanks again.  If others have thoughts on this, feel free to weigh in.

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