I just got AotHG; Now what? Need advice!

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I just got anger of the half giants as a ilvl 902. I'm using it and Mo'arg and I've re-spec'd into felblade and demon blades, but this seems to leave a gap in my rotation where I don't have enough fury generated. Any advice on how to get used to this? I'm going to keep working on it, I figure I will figure it out with a few days practice. I'm not using momentum, I've always liked fel eruption. Should I be working on Momentum?


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SOmetimes is normal you don't have fury, during this moment use Throw glaive or Fel Rush, moment at the moment it's used primary in the Demonic build ( big aoe dungeon or fight ). Haste also should be near 13% or more, i'm seeing some top DH go with less mastery and more haste ( around 17%).

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