Live Developer Q/A Roundup: June 7

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Senior Game Designer Paul Kubit was answering questions about Patch 7.2.5 that's hitting live servers next week and we bring you a summary of highlights.

The Q/A can be watch it here

  • Class changes reddit AMA is coming in the next weeks

Patch 7.2.5

  • Is aimed for next week, wait until official confirmation
  • Heirlooms scaling to 110 and flightpaths (toys) for alts are coming
  • 3 new PvP Brawls will be added

Trial of Style

  • Trial of Style is an event which happens in Azeroth periodically
  • For the five-day duration of Trial of Style, you can change your transmogs for free
  • At first, it was concepted as a micro-holiday, but it didn't feel good having it up 1 - 3 days
  • The event may be up several times a year
  • Micro-holidays should be skippable and only reward temporary cosmetics
  • Trial of Style rewards can be obtained by other means in the game, Kubit mentions the Sporeggar micro-holiday - several players hit Exalted with Sporeggar daily (without the micro-holiday live), but for the duration of the event, it's far more.
  • Bows & Guns weren't build for illusions

The Deaths of Chromie Scenario

  • Chromie's about to be assassinated and you travel to the future with her to prevent this
  • Player item level is increased to 1,000 and level to 112
  • No time gating for the scenario, as you build up your reputation with Chromie and unlock talents the scenario becomes easier
  • The only requirement is level 110
  • Blizzard learned a lot from the first repeatable solo content Withered Training and tried to apply those lessons to the Chromie Scenario design


  • Class mounts will be obtainable after Legion
  • Pet Battle content will be added as long as people are interested for it
  • .5 Legion patches give the team better opportunities to create smaller content (Pet Battle Dungeons) for smaller playerbase
  • 7.2.5 Legendary item upgrade to 970 happens like in 7.1.5 and it's available when Tomb opens
  • If you have an old Legendary item (910) it will be directly upgraded to 970 
  • Base item level of World Quests won't be increased, but they can titanforge to a higher cap
  • Black Temple Timewalking difficulty is tuned to the low side of Normal difficulty, so it's harder than LFR. Loot is the same item level as Normal Tomb
  • You enter Black Temple with a premade group (ideally with your guild), no LFR style queueing
  • Blizzard tried to perserve the original encounter mechanics from BT
  • 7.2 would be too soon for a new raid. The team's happy with Legion's raid pacing. Now it's right about time for a new raid
  • Armaments of the Legon (former Glory of the Tomb Raider reward) were weapon appearances that Blizzard used on enemies and wanted to give it to players. Daggers and fist weapons had no appearances (in time) so they decided to replace it with a title and a pet. The appearances come from Legion assaults. They didn't want to add mount rewards, because Class mounts just game out
  • No cap increase of Legendary items to 3 - one reason is Legendary balance. It shouldn't matter, which 2 Legendaries a player has and increasing the cap to 3 brings up more variations.
  • You should adjust Legendary items based on encounters
  • No plans to remove the locked 3rd relic slot
  • Champion item level catch-up mechanics aren't planned, their item level isn't as critical, because they don't play such a crucial part of your progression as in Draenor

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    • By Starym

      A set of titan-themed Antorus trinkets seems to have some pretty spectacular endboss-only secondary procs!
      With 7.3.2 on the PTR there's been a lot of new discoveries, and the trinkets coming with Antorus: The Burning Throne are certainly among the most interesting. They are all titan themed and all have a standard proc and then an additional unique proc. While it's unclear when exactly this "Empowered by the Pantheon" effect occurs, it seems likely it's connected to a particular part of the Argus the Unmaker encounter (as per the Encounter Journal). Since these secondary procs are pretty insane stat wise (at least for now, you never know with PTR numbers) it seems very likely they will only be present during a part of the Argus fight, perhaps acting as a soft nerf over time for guilds, but they could also be present in the rest of the raid, we'll just have to wait and find out.
      But enough fluff, let's take a look at the actual items!
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      New sound files have been added in Patch 7.3.2 and they are full of heavy spoilers revolving around Illidan and the fate of Azeroth after Argus the Unmaker has been defeated.
      Our friends over at MMO-Champion have uploaded new voicovers for Aggramar, Aman'thul, Eonar the Life-Binder, Illidan, Khadgar, Malfurion and Tyrande that contain major spoilers, proceed with caution!
      From the recently added Dungeon Journal entry of Argus, we learn that the Pantheon will be aiding us in the final battle against Argus. Eonar provides Gift of the Lifebinder, allowing players to resurrect during the encounter. Other perks in the encounter are  Gift of the Sea or Gift of the Sky.
      Aman'thul VO
      Aggramar VO
      Eonar VO
      Illidan VO
      Illidan asks you to put some final matters to rest and deliver Alor'idal Crystal on his behalf. It holds messages for his brother Malfurion, Tyrande and you. After that you're supposed to place it atop Mount Hyjal upon the shores of the Well of Eternity. If you don't know what happens to Illidan after Argus is defeated, you can find more information here. Illidan, Malfurion and Tyrande received young models in Patch 7.3.2 that may be part of a flashback.
      Malfurion VO
      Tyrande VO
      Khadgar VO
      Now comes the real deal. Khadgar's new sound files reveal what's going on with Azeroth.
      "The Legion is defeated, its master imprisoned, but in his final spiteful act, Sargeras may have doomed us all. Our world is wounded champion. Its life essence seeps out into the sands just as Magni foresaw. This mere drop of Argus' blood surges with incredible power, the might of a titan. If the blood of Azeroth also proves to be a source of such strength, those who seek to rule this world will stop at nothing to possess it. The days ahead may be dark indeed. For now, go to Silithus. Gaze upon the wound in the world with your own eyes. We will find a way to save Azeroth, I know it."
      Remember Il'gynoth's quote "The king of diamonds has been made a pawn?" It all started with the Whispers of a Frightened World scenario.  From the transcript it is obvious that the final titan is wounded. There's a new map with a giant wound (hole) in Silithus. 
      Silithus Wound
      Below is a map of the Silithus Wound scenario.

      Image is a courtesy of MMO-Champion
    • By Stan

      Public Test Realms have been updated with Patch 7.3.2. The patch contains adjustments in preparation for the release of Antorus the Burning Throne raid.
      The development notes are really short. There's no new content or features and Blizzard doesn't plan to post further development notes for future builds.
      It's needless to say that there's a lot going on! Primal Sargerite can now be exchanged for various goods, Argus the Unmaker now has a Dungeon Journal entry, Legendary items can be upgraded to 1,000.
      Blizzard (Source)
      We’ve updated the 7.3 PTR with a new patch, labeled as 7.3.2. This patch is very minor, focused around updating a few of our backend systems as well as making some final adjustments in preparation for the release of the Antorus raid zone. There’s no new content or features in this update, and any other changes will be extremely light (in most cases limited to simply correcting tooltips to reflect hotfixes that are already live).

      As such, we’re not planning to post regular development notes with future builds, but will post updates regarding raid testing as that process continues. Thanks, and happy testing!
    • By Stan

      Awoken Titan Essence allows upgrading of Legendary items to item level 1,000 when Antorus opens.
      In July, we spotted Legendary items of item level 1,000. Players have been reporting the bug on live realms, but in Patch 7.3.2 a new item appeared that can upgrade Legendary items to Legion's max cap - ilvl 1,000.
      The upgrade process is similar to how Legendaries have been upgraded throughout Legion (in Patch 7.2.5 with Stabilized Titan Essence, or Distilled Titan Essence in Patch 7.1.5).
      In Patch 7.3.2, you'll need to collect 50 essences to receive Awoken Titan Essence and upgrade a single Legendary item to item level 1,000. Essences will likely drop in Antorus, the weekly Order Hall cache, emissary chests or Mythic Keystone caches. Crafted items should be of item level 1,000 by default when Antorus the Burning Throne opens.
    • By Stan

      Similar to the Blood of Sargeras vendor in Dalaran, a new vendor has been added to the Vindicaar in Patch 7.3.2. He offers various items in exchange for Primal Sargerite.
      Maras can be found aboard the Vindicaar on Argus. For 1 Primal Sargerite, you can get one of the following:
      10x Astral Glory 10x Empyrium 10x Fiendish Leather 10x Lightweave Cloth Uncut Argus epic gems cost 10 Primal Sargerite each.
      Argulite Chemirine Florid Malachite Hesselian Labradorite Lightsphene Screenshots