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Some questions after getting Kazzak's Final Curse

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Just got Kazzak's Final Curse the other day and it's left me with a couple of questions

1. I've heard conflicting info on if impending doom is the better choice for single target while using this belt over Improved Dreadstalkers would love some clarity here.

2. If I do go with impending doom will it be worth keeping a t19 2 piece set bonus I'm thinking helm and cloak as these are haste pieces that won't occupy the same spot as T20 haste pieces 

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In my sims subbing in Kazzak, it's not making a big difference, but the standard Improved Dreadstalkers/Hand of Doom/Grimoire of Service is still edging out for single target.

One subject that I wish would be included in these guides is the way that Doom actually works with Pandemic, because it helps to inform us on decisions like this. Basically it's like this: if you refresh Doom, either manually or with Hand of Doom, it will add to the duration. However, the ability will still tick at a fixed interval regardless of how much time it actually shows, and regardless of how, when, or how many times it was refreshed. You can see the tick rate by checking the tool tip, it changes based on Haste and talents. At my current static haste level, it's 14.7 seconds and with pandemic it adds around 4 seconds to the duration if I refresh it at 7.4 seconds or less. But no matter what it shows, it will always tick every 14.7 seconds as long as it's on the target constantly. It won't tick again at expiration either, so there is no double-dipping there.

If you clip Doom too early (before half its duration), then it will simply refresh back to its full value, but the fixed 14.7 second timer keeps ticking. So you want to keep it on, doesn't matter how it's done, just keep Doom on your targets. And any boost in Haste or talent adjustments will make it tick more frequently.

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