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More Tuning Coming, DoS, Stormstrike Un-nerf

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Additional class tuning is coming today and later in the week and Draught of Souls, Stormstrike and Windstrike get partially un-nerfed.

It's patch day and despite the huge amount of class changes both in the 7.2.5 notes and the additional PvP only notes, there will be even MORE tweaks coming today and later in the week. Draught of SoulsDraught of Souls is also getting a slight reprieve for Fury Warriors, but no exact details as of yet.

Blizzard LogoLore (source)

As Patch 7.2.5 approaches release, we wanted to let you know that there are a number of tuning hotfixes in the works which we plan to apply either with or shortly after Patch 7.2.5 in each region. Many of these changes will be focused on PvP (and we shared the majority of them on Friday), but there will also be adjustments to a few Nighthold raid mechanics, and an initial set of buffs to a few underperforming specs.

Note: We’re planning another round of class tuning for later in the week once we have more data from live realms; these are merely a first pass. Additionally, we plan to partially reduce the 7.2.5 nerf to Draught of SoulsDraught of Souls for Fury Warriors.

We’ll share full details on all of these changes as soon as possible.

And then there's some more un-nerfing, for Enhancement Shamans, as Blizzard decided to hold off on plans to change how certain skill procs work, so StormbringerStormbringer offhand procs for StormstrikeStormstrike and WindstrikeWindstrike are back on the table!

Blizzard LogoSigma (source)

We talked about it more and decided to let StormstrikeStormstrike and Windstrike offhand attacks proc StormbringerStormbringer for now.

The thinking above is still true, and something we want to keep an eye on, but the changes already in place mean the numbers are quite different from the 7.0 version. In 7.0, if you had e.g. a 10% chance to proc from StormstrikeStormstrike (main hand only), and 0% from Lava LashLava Lash and BoulderfistBoulderfist (and the procs were worth double due to TempestTempest), there was a huge swing in proc chance between using 3 StormstrikeStormstrikes and using 3 other buttons. In 7.2.5, you may have 8% from the Lava LashLava Lash and RockbiterRockbiter, and 16% from the StormstrikeStormstrike, and the a proc causes you to replace 2 other buttons with 2 StormstrikeStormstrike. The swing is much smaller now.

Because the 7.2.5 changes would already reduce the streakiness of StormbringerStormbringer procs (and because allowing offhands to proc is slightly more consistent with the tooltips), we'll let that play out on live and inform whether we need to make future changes to mitigate that streakiness further.

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2 hours ago, demonardvark said:

yet draught remains full nerfed for unholy #notmad #nosalt

I couldn't fit the "for Fury" in the title!

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