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Shadow Priest Legendaries

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So I'm kind of curious how you say that Anund's Seared Shackles is the second best legendary when H2P ranks the shoulders as being way better in every scenario they tested. This guy did very detailed testing using AS and SL and in every case the shoulders rank quite a bit higher than the wrists. And you list the shoulders and basically being a "fairly weak" legendary. In fact the wrists are 5th down in rank at the least and usually more, with several legendaries being better.



Could you please explain this discrepancy? Because honestly, I'm finding IV to be less and less reliable these days when I see things like that. And even more, you're recommending a player from H2P as a go-to source, yet you yourself don't seem to be paying attention to H2P at all with your suggestions!

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As far as I am aware regarding Icy Veins' guides, they are written by someone who they deem to be a good writer (of whom you can look at in the description of who has approved of it or have written it in the first place). But... they don't get updated very often.

Now I have only played Shaman since Legion's start and only recently started working on my alts so I don't know that much about how the wrists work. But reading the few bits regarding legendaries and knowing that some classes (rogue for an example) gets barely any update in regards to their recommended gear, stat weights, etc.

"In practice, you will see maximum stacks in 3+ target situations between Voidform phases, generally fewer than 20 stacks otherwise."

This could be with lower amounts of haste meaning that you'll only get this effect to occur 'generally fewer than 20 stacks'-section more often than what you would with the higher amounts of haste we can get access to now.

"This legendary has been nerfed enough it is now a fairly weak choice, especially as it does not allow you to use tier or the Arcway 2-set bonus in its place."

If this was regularly updated, keeping the 'nerfed'-tag would be kinda ultimately pointless. Especially since this should've been around Emerald Nightmare-Trial of Valor when this nerf happened so that's old information that's quite worthless. And also... 'use tier or the Arcway 2-set bonus' - this indicates that one, they are talking about tier sets in general meaning that it doesn't even have had to be released yet to make this statement and 'using the Arcway 2-set bonus'? I mean I know its damn good if you are looking for more haste but dear god, we do have better trinkets now so not using that is not that much of a crying shame exactly.


The legendary-section of most guides are completely un-updated and serve as nothing other than a general guidelines and not an exact science. The only thing that these guides are good for in regards to updated content would be the talents when nerfs come in and messes with 'em. Not to say that they are 'the best' but never the less, they serve as good general guidelines when you need something quick to look at.

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