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Great site and Hero League roster

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I have been playing Heroes for about 4 months now, and your site really helped me out in getting started. I am trying to get comfortable enough with the game before starting on Hero League. Will this be a good set of heroes to start with?

Warriors: D.Va, E.T.C., Johanna

Assassins: Falstad, Valla, Zeratul

Supports: Lucio, Rehgar, Uther

Specialists: Nazeebo, Probius, Sylvanas

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The hero selection is nice, but there is another important factor when selecting heroes - how well you can play them. A player with a lower tier hero that he has a lot of experience with beats a player with a top tier hero that they didn't play that much almost every time. So, if you have a lot of experience with those heroes (lvl 10 should be good enough for placement games), it's great. If not, I recommend playing some quick matches or unranked games to gain more experience with them.

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