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Viable 10 Man Composition

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Hello, our Guild is Fairly small and trying to get off the Ground, I haven't seen any Posts about 10 Man Compositions but what I currently am looking at is doing 2/2/6 with 2 Tanks (atm looks like a Bear and a Demon Hunter), 2 Healers (Holy Priest and TBD), 2 Melee (Ret Pally, Demon Hunter) 4 Ranged (BM Hunter, Shaman, TBD, TBD). 
Would this be a Viable Composition and would anyone have any suggestions as to changes I should make as well as what I should look at for Filling in the Gaps? 

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Mh, it SHOULD not depend on the class, it SHOULD depend on the player...(as Blizz states: bring the player not the class). You're talking about 10man, so you wanna raid normal and heroic. For normal: don't agonize, take what you like, the normal content is often quite easy. For heroic: In my opinion a good line up can simplify a fight (i wouldn't underestimate that effect). But i think it's more a question of range/melee mix than special classes. Often it is easier with more range than melees...sometimes you don't even need melees while ranged are necessary (much helpful).

So my advice: Fill up with good players, don't stick on certain classes.


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- Always bring a Lust and a backup Lust (there are fights for example in ToS (Desolate Host) that require separate lusting. In addition, people die, and losing a late-fight Lust can stall progress greatly. There are also legendaries that prefer multiple lusts being around because the owners can benefit from the second one.

- Have two tanks and a backup tank that can DPS. You will find yourself with missing tanks if you have no backups from time to time, and raid pugging a tank is the least favorable thing to do.

- Be careful for over populated Melee DPS. RDPS seems rare in this expansion, you can look at General chat and more often than not, guilds miss out on ranged. Too much melee DPS will crush your raid DPS in many fights and situations/phases, while RDPS is overall quite stable.

- Have a Warlock. That summoning stone will save you many hours and allows a raid to keep the pace. Soulstone is nice too. Warlocks bring great utility to a raid.

- Have a varied healer team. This is extremely helpful. Raid teams with only Paladins will find themselves short on raidheal. Raid teams with only Shamans will struggle keeping tanks up as stacks increase. Get a good mix between group and spot healing, I can strongly recommend bringing a Priest as well because you can group res after wipes. Also: DISC. A good Disc priest works miracles in raids. Resto druids are a great choice because they shine in almost everything, and can even go bear to soak or taunt swap to save your tank stacks - if they are good :)

- Have combat res, preferably two minimum. For obvious reasons.

If you can tick all these boxes, you can stop looking at specific classes. As to the poster above: Blizz can theorycraft all they want, but you just need some ingredients in a raid that specific classes offer and others don't. And it's good that way, otherwise we would all roll DH and not feel special.

Good preparation is literally half the battle.

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