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Need Help About Stat Weights for Ask Mr Robot (MM)

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Hello guys, I'm using Ask Mr Robot's premium for my mm hunter. Also reading mm hunter guide on Icy-Veins. Ask Mr Robot's guide is different than Azor's guide.(BiS items) Are you guys using Ask Mr Robot with another stat weights? I was try to use azor's stat weights on Ask Mr Robot, but some information are different.

What's the value of the stats should I type here?(Image)



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The icy-veins guide uses a generic pawn string to give us stat weights, your own individual stat weights will change depending on your stat balance, tier sets, trinkets, legendaries, talents, etc.

The best way to find your own stat weights is either using Raidbots as a quick sim from the simulationcraft method, or by downloading the desktop app Simulationcraft and running your own sims - both provide in-depth and quite accurate results.

For example, as a BM hunter, the guide shows agi > mastery > haste, but my current stat weights are Crit > Haste > Mastery > Agi due to the legendary / talent set-up I'm running.

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I'm from Ask Mr. Robot. If you are using the site to rank gear, you'll want to generate stat weights on AMR. Below is a guide on how to do that (BUT choose 'gearing strategy' instead of the "BETA V2" one).

There are a few reasons you want to use AMR to do this:

1. Stat weights can't rank trinkets, legendaries, or items with procs. Since that accounts for half of your gear, stat weights are not very useful anymore. 

2. When you run a custom gearing strategy on AMR (aka stat weights), we ALSO sim every item that has a proc and we bundle that information with your stat weight report. That way, we can rank those items directly from simulations.

3. When it comes to stat weights, we've moved far beyond typical stat weights now. Stat weights don't handle stat ratios, but our 'machine learning' approach does - which is why we suggest that instead of manually entering stat weights. You can see from our charts by the stat weight sections how ratios matter, AND how they change with your gear. Here's a blog post describing that in more detail: http://forums.askmrrobot.com/t/stat-goals-and-graphs/995

4. Stats change as your gear changes, and our 'machine learning' system accounts for that. Otherwise, you'd have to continuously re-run stat weights like the old days. But we figured out a way to just handle it automatically :)

Hit me up with questions!




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