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We've uploaded Kil'jaeden's Defeat Cinematic to Youtube and in this article, we're looking at what happens after you defeat the last boss in the Tomb of Sargeras.

Spoiler Warning

This article contains major spoilers. Proceed at your own risk.


Kil'jaeden Cinematic

After you defeat Kil'jaeden, you will see the following cinematic playing and end up in Azsuna with Illidan, Khadgar and the Image of Aegwynn.

Phased Azsuna

Alleria and Turalyon will help us defeat Sargeras on Argus in Patch 7.3.

Archmage KhadgarThe Sargerite Keystone tore through the fabric of reality. Now the homeworld of the Legion looms before us, its armies poised to strike. Turalyon is out there somewhere. Alleria too, I hope. If we can find my old friends, perhaps the Army of the Light can help us end this war.

Prophet VelenI always knew I would see Argus again. Our homecoming appeared time and again in my visions. But I never imagined this. There can be no doubt that the fates of my world and yours are intertwined. Can Argus be saved, or must it be sacrificed to stop Sargeras? My visions are clouded, uncertain. It seems we must forge our own destiny. Light save us all, <name>.

Lord Illidan StormrageArgus. Throne of the Burning Legion. Its infernal machines provide Sargeras with an infinite army. Time to deprive the Dark Titan of his prize. Our course is clear. We must take the fight to Argus and bring the Legion to its knees.


Argus Skybox

Another cool thing after you clear the Tomb is that Argus will appear almost everywhere if you look in the sky. This is individual and other players won't be able to see the skybox change, unless they defeat Kil'jaeden. It was confirmed during BlizzCon that we're going to Argus in Patch 7.3 and the patch should hit test servers soon.

Dalaran Skybox


Orgrimmar Skybox


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omg wtf is that is that a giant F@#$ing planet, how the heck did that get there?!??! we are doomed, DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!


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Same old Illidan... Fate is never fast enough for him. Even if he might be right "again".

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I have a feeling that either Illidargeras was successful, Velen is possessed, or both - he shouldn't be able to fel-blast KJ like that.  And considering it's the same way everyone else has been killed off this xpack... yeah, something's up.

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On 23/6/2017 at 0:02 PM, demonardvark said:


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omg wtf is that is that a giant F@#$ing planet, how the heck did that get there?!??! we are doomed, DOOMED!!!!!!!!!!



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On 6/23/2017 at 7:22 PM, MrEdren said:

I have a feeling that either Illidargeras was successful, Velen is possessed, or both - he shouldn't be able to fel-blast KJ like that.  And considering it's the same way everyone else has been killed off this xpack... yeah, something's up.

I'm not sure about that to be honest.  Now this may be far reaching but to refer to the WC movie at one point Medivh uses light to turn the fel in on itself and destroy the fel orcs attacking the party.  This would be in line with Velen a wielder of light touching Kil'Jaedan  and causing the fel inside him to turn in on itself and explode.  This is also similar to what happened when Khadgar rejected the fel in the tower of Karazhan uttering the phrase "From light comes darkness, and from darkness, light."  These are also the words stated to Khadgar by Alodi.  Like I said it's far reaching but to me it makes the most sense... There's so much lore in this universe it's hard to remember everything honestly.


Also I think bringing Argus to us was intentional by Illidan without outside influence.  I think he sees it as the only way to stop the Legion once and for all, and has been planning and manipulating this entire time to reach this endgame.

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      Playable Classes  
      Only Druids have been confirmed as a playable race so far and Kul Tiran Humans have really cool Druid forms!
      Druid Druid Forms [Return to Top]  
      All Kul Tiran Human Druid forms have been added to the game, only Moonkin Form is missing.
      Aquatic Form (Brown)

      Aquatic Form (Dark)

      Aquatic Form (Green)

      Aquatic Form (Light)

      Bear Form (Brown) [Return to Top]

      Bear Form (Dark)

      Bear Form (Green)

      Bear Form (Light)

      Cat Form [Return to Top]

      Flight Form (Brown) [Return to Top]

      Flight Form (Dark)

      Flight Form (Green)

      Flight Form (Light)

      Travel Form (Blue) [Return to Top]

      Travel Form (Brown)

      Travel Form (Green)

      Travel Form (White)

      Racials [Return to Top]
      Racial abilities have not been added yet.
      Racial Mount (Speculation) [Return to Top]
      No official racial mount has been announced just yet, but Kul Tiran Druid forms revolve around the "wicker" theme, so the racial mount may very well be a wickerbeast? 

      Heritage Armor [Return to Top]

      Customization Options [Return to Top]
      Skin Color


      Hair Color

      Hair Style

      Male [Return to Top]
      Skin Color


      Hair Color

      Hair Style


      Here's our preview of Kul Tiran Humans coming later in Battle for Azeroth.
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