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Felhunter energy

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I may be totally wrong, but I have the impression that the Felhunter is "wasting" energy using the auto cast Devour Magic. Is it?


And is the Felhunter using the Shadowbite whenever it can? Like giving it's best regarding DPS? Because I see it using Shadowbite with much more than 60 energy.

Anyone have tested/knows ?

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Have you tried toggling them off one at a time for a raid and comparing the logs to see if their damage went up or down? I dont know a lot about warlocks yet but i main a hunter. turn off the spell and see if the number of their autocast damage ability that costs energy goes up. if it does,  id say it is safe to assume that he was casting fewer of them bc he lacked the energy because he was wasting energy casting unneeded spells.

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