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Dear IV MW monk community

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As most of you already know, I maintain the mistweaver section of this forum and try to chime in a little bit with the Windwalker and Brewmaster questions.  But the majority has been with Mistweavers.


I would like to inform all the people that I have helped in the past that I am currently NOT playing mistweaver monk for the Siege of Orgrimmar Raid, not because they are bad or got nerfed or anything like that, but because as one of the leading members of my healing team, I felt it was best for the raid composition as a whole for me to switch to a Restoration Druid (as I was before Mists of Pandaria).  I will still be active in these forums helping any Mistweaver I can and updating the Siege of Orgrimmar Mistweaver Thread.


I just wanted to let everyone know that even though I'm going to be feeling a bit Orange, Green was still one of the best experiences I had in this game and I hope to return to it in the future.


As I said, I will still be posting in these forums helping people and keeping updated with Mistweavers, I just won't be playing on for my raid.


As a side note: apparently this tier has brought in more people to help as well! Which I am glad to see because it makes my miniscule job here on IV (as compared to the amount of work Vlad and Damien do) even easier.

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That sucks :P ... I've been reading your posts since I start playing my MW monk (not too long ago) and went from crappy healer to pretty descent, in just a couple of months.. 


That being said.. I hope you have lots of fun being orange..

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