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Alternative BoS burst

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I was just wondering, but what do you think of the potential of the T20 set with the following build.

Once you pick up 2 set, you could use bracers/belt, pick up HoW and Avalanche for some crazy burst potential. Breath will no longer be a sustained burst cooldown, but it's burst potential rises, and with belt/bracers and the T20 set, the consistency of the spec while breath is down will still be good, I think.


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The ring as of right now is better than the belt. So far with T20 set the Ring/bracers are BiS for BoS. As for HoW and Avalanche, they're really not that good of talents so I dont see them being viable. If anything you should sim the build out, but it probably wont be that good.

The problem with the T20 set is the lack of RP generation so CoF and the Ring is needed more. If you have both then the standard BoS built is still the best build for frost ATM.

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