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Simcrafting a Tank

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I've been obsessed with simcraft recently, and so I used it for all my dps classes up to now, but when it comes to tanks and healers, it's a different story. Can someone explain to me how to properly sim a tank, like my toon (Havocan - Silvermoon (EU)), with all the settings that I need to configure for that purpose? I'm also interested in knowing how did icy-veins come up with the stat priority for tanks and heals using simcraft. In addition, I noticed that the stat priority fluctuates sometimes depending on my gear setup and doesn't always line up with your suggested stat priority, is that meant to be or is there something wrong I'm doing with the simcraft?

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You've hit on a couple of topics here.

First, sim of a tank/healer versus dps.
With dps, you can sim what will increase your output pretty easily.  In most cases, there isn't a great deal of resource management required outside of what takes place within the general rotation.

Consider the fight as a tank.   What simulation would you want to focus on?  How much damage you'd take? (Varies depending on encounter even if single target bosses)  What dps you'd put out/threat generation?  Which is more important to you?  The stat weights generally are a combination of one tank's personal preferences in this avenue.  For a class that has a damage mitigation CD on the charge system, haste becomes more important etc.

As for your second question, the priorities you're finding are specific to YOUR setup and not generic.  They're more accurate for you.  This is related to the way stats have diminishing returns.  If you start with 1000 crit and you add 100, it provides more absolute than if you start at 20000 and add 100.  When the sim takes your current setup into account, the weights shift based on where you currently stand.  It's not that either are wrong.  It's that one is generally speaking and one is specific to what you have right now.

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