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Help Wanted - Arms DPS

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Hello guys,

New warrior player here, I've already read a lot of guides and sheets to learn the basics of arms warrior, and I yet struggle to do a shit DPS, I think (based on my ilvl). Single target fights are where I have more difficulty.

My biggests doubts are: Am I spending rage correctly? How can I take advantage of this helm without T20 4PC? What am I doing wrong? Why can't I do 1M DPS by just entrering the raid? 

If someone is willing to help, here is a couple logs from my firsts fights with this new buddy and my armory:

Thanks in advance,

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Good evening, Dranna;

I'll be honest with you and tell you that I didn't review your log like I do some other requests and I hope the following can fill in and give you reasoning as to why.

1. Looking at your combat log for Heroic Goroth, you parsed 73% of your item level bracket. Contrary to popular belief, that's good. It  tells me that you have an above-average understanding of how to play the class.

2. "Why can't I do 1M DPS by just entering the raid?" - While I am inclined to believe you're asking sarcastically here, I'll go ahead and answer. You don't have the gear to do 1M DPS. In your item level bracket, against Heroic Goroth, only the top 4 parses hit 1M DPS and they barely did even cutting the fight duration almost in half of yours.


Doing a quick glance at your actual log, however, (I've looked at it since I started the reply here), the first thing that jumps out at me is your Rend uptime. It's only 64% and that's unacceptably low. I'd find a way to track Rend on your target and make sure it doesn't fall off. On Goroth this should be upwards to 90% uptime.

Again, though, 73% bracket parse isn't horrible. Considering you're a "new warrior", I'd say you're definitely on the right track. Grats on the legendary helm; it'll really help once you get your 4PC. (You're stuck waiting for your 4PC before that helm really shines).

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Sajakain is right, you're doing fine. Especially for a new Warrior player.

I disagree on the Rend uptime, though. I think you played it correctly and prioritized Execute over Rend. This means that during the Execute phase Rend falls off completely. Therefore your 65 % uptime is alright.


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If you're going to drop Rend off completely during the Execute phase then it's more acceptable to be around the 70% - 75% margin; I'll agree with that. I did a comparison of the highest ranking Arms Warrior (regardless of fight length) in Mohared's item level bracket that also talented Rend. He had 72% uptime on Rend while dropping it off during the Execute phase as well.

While I understand that on movement fights / run-and-hide fights dots like Rend can fall off (especially if you're melee applying dots), this aspect of his / her performance can be improved, even if it's only slightly.


You can see here, in Mohared's fight, there are several gaps in Rend. Considering this is Heroic Goroth we're talking about, it could be that he/she was just unlucky with debuffs that forced them to move. We can look at the timing of these things here to see when they lined up / if they lined up with their gaps in Rend:


With this image we can tell that Infernal Burning (run and hide) did not affect their Rend up time. They had it applied throughout each cast outside of Execute phase. The same could be mostly said for Crashing Comet. They only were affected with this 3 times outside of the Execute Phase. Lastly, however, there was a line up between Shattering Star and a gap in Rend so that can be explained; they didn't refresh the debuff before running out to handle the mechanic and, as such, it dropped off.

Outside of these instances, I can count 4 noticeable gaps where Rend fell off and it shouldn't have. Again; slight room for improvement.


Overall, though, I still stand by my OP in this thread. Dranna / Mohared - you're doing just fine with the spec. Gear will make it better as will continued practice but your performance isn't at a level that I would stress over too much.

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