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<Elbow Deep> of Mal'Ganis is currently recruiting!

About us:

We are a group of adult raiders, whom most of us are real life friends who have played together for years and have a lot of experience. We're a laid back group that just enjoys having fun in a relaxed but dedicated raid. We're aiming to get into Mythic Progression ASAP while maintaining our two day a week schedule. We are currently recruiting all players, please contact one of the officers to discuss our guild! We use a lootcouncil system to produce the best raid team possible. We provide all food/flasks/repairs/etc.

Raid Schedule:
7:00-11:00 CST (8:00-12:00 Est)

It's expected that you have a deep understanding of your class, read up and understand the fight mechanics, and are willing to put in the time to progress whether it be Mythic +, raiding on your own, etc. 

We are currently looking for:

One Tank, One Healer, and any exceptional DPS


 Please feel free to contact me via Discord @Slated#4502 or in game at Eirr#1116. If you don't hear from me, please get in contact with an officer and they would gladly help!


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