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Hi guys,


As we've been moving through ToS, I find myself under performing a handful of times throughout the raid. Some fights I'll do OK, while others i find I'm below average.


I've followed the rotation guide as best as I can, and I know most fights I'm not pre-potting (or potting at all), and I'm sure I could be using my artifact ability a little more. Not to mention I don't have the greatest legendaries in the world. But other than those things, I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong?


I'm currently simming for 783k DPS. However I find myself pulling lower then that..


Below is a link to my most recent Warcraftlogs, as well as my armory link:



*note* - it would seem in my armory that I'm not enchanted/gemmed, which isn't the case, as this was done yesterday afternoon.


Thank you in advance for the help!

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