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Hello. I am a mistweaver monk on Aggramar-EU. I am currently not raiding, due to many factors, but before 5.4 my guild and I progressed on Lei Shen HC. I only have one question and I will be brief. My question is; what mr. robot weights should I use? I know I shouldn't be using it since I should know most stuff about my class, but I like having something to tell me what to do with my gear to optimize it. Currently, I am going with 2.5 on Intellect, 2 on Haste (to 6141), 1.8 on Crit, 0,6 on Spirit and 0.5 on Haste (6141+). Are these weights optimal for a guy like me? Here's a link to my armory:


Thanks for all the help and answers in advance.


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Before I go into this I want to say, Just because I'm saying these weights (pretty much for everyone I help) doesn't make them true.  I give these weights based on my experiences and what I did with these weights was to maximise crit chance on the gear after reaching a haste breakpoint.  If that is what you're looking for then yes this is what you should be doing.  Otherwise, please explain to me what you are looking for on your gear and I can try to adjust them accordingly.



Technically these weights are the same, and all you have to do is change the haste 6141+ to mastery and you're done.  The numbers are only relevant to how they compare to each other (or how high/low they are to each other)


If that doesn't make sense, then just do this:


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