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Mistweaver advice in 7.2

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Hi all

I am healing tomb on my monk and really enjoy it. I would love to some feedback/tips on improving my overall healing. 

With the changes to Essence font I have changed up my healing a bit and feel it is going better but there is always room for improvement! And I am not sure if I am actually doing all that well, I feel I have improved but I don't think I was doing very good before.

I have my wow link but I change to tank for questing and sometimes helping for raids  so I have attached an image of my gear from AskMrRobot as well.

Wow character page

I only have a couple of logs and will add more once we do some more raiding.





I have only just got this trinket Charm of the Rising TideCharm of the Rising Tide and are getting used to using it. I am not sure if it best just to pop on CD or save - I currently use on CD.

I also feel I do not use mana tea very effectively since the change to essenece font. I read the icey veins guide and said to try do EF, and 2 vivify if possible which is what I am trying.

I am also working on stacking my healing as they recommend, so casting vivify on a player who has the EF tick on them etc.


Any feedback and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Hey! Great job so far. Keep in mind every mistweaver has their own play style so honestly you do you.  

It looks like to me that your stat weights are a little off. I understand that gear comes and goes but as a raid healer you def def wanna go crit vers and your vers seems low... try to keep it up there with crit. Haste is useless (unless your primary is mythic plus) 

If you're not having mana issues, don't use mana tea. Trying to cast ef and vivifies every mana tea can add big time to overhealing, which it looks like on some fights (like your maiden fight) was more than your actual healing :( 

Thunder focus or rising thunder is up to you, I prefer rising thunder unless my guild tells me I need to be in ranged group. It looks like essence font it still a big heal for you, but they put a cd on it to push people away from spamming it. I would recommend moving away from essence font and really only using it when you need to. Having a weak aura that tracks how many people are in range of it helps too. Keeping renewing mist out is huuuge imo. It's a smart heal. You seem to be doing fine in that aspect awesome! 

That trinket unfortunately stinks in raid, try for star or grand design and pray for Velens lol. Wowhead has a pretty good bis guide that can recommend gear for you too but as always it depends on your specific stat weights. 

If you have the healing boots they are great!! Boots and velen is what I use. The wrap is better for mythic plus, and if I had a prydaz I would use it over the boots. 

I hope this has been helpful, my experience is as a mw monk healing mythic raid progression. This is my style tho, based off my leggos etc etc 

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