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Is there a 7.3 Nerf coming or did i misinterpret the Datamining?

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I've just read that: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/2245038-Patch-7-3-PTR-Build-24473-Spell-Changes


And i found this: 


  • Destruction Warlock Increases damage/healing of Cataclysm, Chaos Bolt, Conflagrate, Doom, Firebolt, Immolate, Incinerate, Rain of Fire, Shadowburn, Singe Magic by 21% 15%. Decreases effect #1 value of Soul Conduit by 5. Warlock - Destruction Spec.

So something get's nerfed from 21% to 15% 


Does anyone know what exactly that is?

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Ignore it. 7.3 is very early, the notes mean nothing, most of them are already live or tool tip changes. 

What it is talking about is the arua that PTR has that buffs classes by X, makes tuning faster/easier from a programming stand point. So they nerfed a buff we don't have yet.

Ignore it.

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Yeah i highly recommend you ignore anything to do with balancing in 7.3. My view is that people would enjoy the game more if they weren't so obsessed so early on with every little tooltip/blue post/ptr speculation...not that you are, just that it's what the community has become.


There's going to be lots of changes/tuning coming. And it's going to go back and forth, up and down, and so on.


And while we're at it, ignore any Simc of 7.3 based on such early info (or mid-way through the PTR info). DPS, stats, gear, relics, legendary priorities; all these can dramatically change while they tune. Getting info early on that becomes outdated by the time of release is often more harmful and results in these weird memes about softcaps and new priorities and so on. This happens every patch and these Simc results mean nothing (aside from some entertainment perhaps) until we're close to a PTR build labelled "Release Candidate". 

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