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I say i'm new, I have 3 level 70s, but haven't done much beyond getting them there, one of them is hardcore. I was only really playing on Hard/Expert but i've jumped up to Torment I and honestly it doesn't seem that different, I jumped to it because I read I need to be at least on T1 to get the better gear?

I'm using the Necromancer at the moment and I don't really know what I need to be farming. I want to get the best gear, I may be new to Diablo (newish) but i'm a total loot whore in other games, so I want the best. I play solo, I don't have a lot of interest in playing with others, I prefer everything in my own control.

Hopefully some of you can offer me some advice? I don't know what gear I should be looking for or even where I should be trying to get it.

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If you want the best Necro you want to follow the Bonestorm build here on Icy Veins.

Now, if you get ANY other set to 6set before that it is ALWAYS better to equip that while farming for what you want since any 6set bonus is infinitly better than anything not being a 6set.

You keep doing the highest GR you can do under 5min (most chance for loot and best xp), when you don't have a GR key, go get one in Nephalem rift and go back to GR. Kadala bloodshards for armor, never weapon, save up the Deaths Breath to upgrade legendary weapon.

This is pretty much how you farm.

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Build yourself a "flashfire wizard"...farm TX rifts in nothing flat. I would recommend this for anyone playing the game...there is nothing faster for clearing TX - TXIII rifts. Farm up blood shards...gamble at Kadala.

All I have learned over the years of playing this game is that you need a "farm" character and a "bounty" character if you hope to be successful. If I am running bounties, I run my crusader...since she is very mobile. If I run normal rifts or am upgrading gems to around level 50, I use my wizard.

Beyond that, most of my characters have all the gear the need...and I have a 70 of each class.

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