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Help me understand MM please!

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Hi guys, so I am having a bit of trouble fully understand how MM is supposed to be played. My confusion comes with Vuln windows and how to approach entering them and what to do in them. Currently, I feel like I can only comfortably get 2 Aimed Shots off while vulnerable is up before it ends. At this point I'm extremely low on focus. Here's where my confusion starts.


Do I just spam ArcaneShot until 70 focus -> Marked shot -> start vuln -> and then do the same 2 Aimed Shots until vulnerable is over and repeat the process all over again? Also around the time I am extremely low focus and at the end of the vuln window, Wind Burst is back off cooldown. Do I just continue to spam Arcane Shot back up to 70 focus and then start vuln with WB instead of Marked shot?


This is what I am having the most confusing time with MM and would appreciate some clarity!

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Unless you have a reasonably high amount of haste, or the new tier set bonuses, you can only fit 2x aimed shots in each window, so you want to cast 1 arcane shot before your two aimed shots and time it so they're towards the final ticks of vulnerable, with the last aimed shot landing at <1 sec on vulnerable for the most dps. 

Between each vulnerable window try and get your focus up to the point where your passive regen can let you cast those two shots at the right time. I primarily play BM but my understanding is windburst has priority over marked shot because you can theoretically (with enough focus & haste) get three aimed shots in a row off there.

Without windburst, get your focus up to 70+, marked shot and then aimed shot etc.

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