This Week in WoW: July 4

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Withered J'm is up again, you can level up your pets faster during the Pet Battle Bonus Event and Darkmoon Faire continues, so if you haven't acquired the new transmogs yet, there's still enough time to do so until Sunday.

Nothing out of the ordinary is happening this week. A new 7.3 PTR Build is expected to hit test servers soon. Stay tuned for more latest changes! As for the live version:

World Boss Withered J'm

He's up two weeks in a row. World Boss rotation must be buggy. Completing the quest to kill J'm rewards 30 Mio AP (Shard of Compacted EnergyShard of Compacted Energy) @ AK Level 40.

World Boss Loot Tables

The following loot can be acquired from Withered J'm in Azsuna:

Pet Battle Bonus Event (July 4 - 11)

Darkmoon Faire (July 2 - 9)

Fireworks Spectacular (July 4-5)

  • After the sun sets, the end of Midsummer is celebrated with an hourly firework extravaganza

Mythic Keystone Affixes

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