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Haste Softcap?

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In a possibly unrelated question if you have a 100% crit (UVLS) Doom rolling and you don't get another UVLS proc before it expires are you better off letting it fall off and getting the final 100% tick or should you refresh it unbuffed before the last tick?



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To answer these questions...


First, you're too geared to still be gemming for int. Secondary stats are much more valuable to gem once you're above 510-515ish. That will open your stat budget dramatically.


Second, the 8064 threshold is nice for Shadowflame, but if you can swing the 9211 (which gemming secondary should make easy to get), that's even better since they're so close together. Make sure you get hit cap, though, as you're under right now. Get hit cap, then haste cap, then mastery, and get rid of crit as much as you can. :D


Third, it is much better to let it get that last tick and reapply right after than to refresh it. You're giving up a guaranteed imp just to get an extra .1% uptime. Not worth it.

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