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MM Hunter DPS issues

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According to my sims I should be doing 900k single target, but I'm only around 600k on a target dummy. I have yet to take this spec to raid, but want to replace BM with it. I understand and preform well at using arcane shot and getting 2 aimed off toward end of buff, use weak auras to track it, about 60% of my damage is aimed shot which from what I understand reading here is typical, what I think I am doing wrong is my rotation during Trueshot Aura, I don't really get Icy Veins explanation of the opening sequence and what to follow when Trueshot Aura is up. From what I can tell they have way too many casts in their list than I have a window in vulnerable, and I'm utterly lost other than try to cast aimed toward the end of vulnerable, it's very messy and unpredictable and I'm not bursting high at the beginning of fights. I know I lack tier bonuses, just started working on gear for MM, have been BM up til now.


Hopefully I won't be in my pvp set or something when someone sees this, if it has the 2 piece tier from NH it's my actual dps set.


I could have bigger issues I'm just missing, but with lack of logs I thought I'd first tackle something I clearly do not understand.

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Well there's a few things to consider that are different from BM:

MM gets a critical strike stacking buff when you hit a target below 20% health, which you won't get when you hit a target dummy.

It's farily normal to hit below simdps for most classes. You need to practice and get really good at the rotation. BM is probably the only spec in the game where you can easily hit your simdps, since the rotation is so simple. So if you just started switching specs, it's no wonder you lack practice.

Sims also assume that you're using a flask, prepot and second pot, the best food, defiled augment runes, and Bloodlust, which you are probably not using against the dummy. That is 2100 agility (plus 1000 more for 2 minutes with prolonged power potions), plus 40 seconds of 30% haste buff. It is not insignificant.

During Trueshot you get +40% Haste, so you should easily be able to hit 3 or 4 Aimed shots in every Vulnerable. When Trueshot is up all your Arcane Shots will always apply Hunter's Mark, so you don't have to wait for Marking Targets to proc, meaning you can reapply Vulnerable at will and just keep shooting. The Haste will also dramatically increase your focus regen, so you have to try to spend all your focus by the time the Trueshot buff ends. It's also common to have Bloodlust at the beginning of boss fights, which will stack with Trueshot. You really need to cast a lot of Aimed Shots during that.

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