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Quick Question Regard BIS Gear (Legs vs Shoulders)

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I noticed this when I was looking through the gear drops and some other lists I've seen agree with my findings as well, but is there a reason the BIS on Icy-Veins has

Shoulderpads of Dou Dou Chong

Leggings of the Horned Nightmare

instead of

Mantle of the Horned Nightmare

Leggings of Furious Flame


First Legs have more overall stats, meaning it seems like you would want those as Heroic Warforged. In addition, the legs have Haste/Mastery.


The overall difference for the Dou Dou + Tier Legs (before 2/2 upgrade) vs the other combo is:

(34) Int

(53) Stam

+912 Hit

+1087 Mastery

(2847) Haste

+773 Crit

2 yellow sockets instead of 2 red sockets.

and overall secondary stats are less by (75).


So basically you're getting more mastery, but at the cost of taking more Hit/Crit and less overall stats. At BIS for Demo/Aff you'd be pushing the 13K BPs anyways though where it doesn't seem like the extra Haste is a downside vs the Crit/Hit. Was just wondering the reasoning behind this. Not like most people will ever get BIS anyways, but just something that caught my attention looking at the list :p

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BiS lists are for amusement, not to be strived for realistically.  It's personal preference what you choose.  While you may have found a small amount of gain, it's not worth it (to me at least) to go back and re-reforge everything.  Also, Haste starts to dwindle as you gain more and more of it, but Mastery trumps it.  Those Shoulders are LOADED with Mastery.  The other nice thing, is the 2 blue sockets do give you an opportunity to snag some extra Hit rating from them covering a ton of your Hit necessity in one piece.  That Crit is shitty, but it's negligible overall.  When we talk about 75 points of a secondary rating as a gain, it starts to get realistically unnecessary.  I think I'm 55 rating over hit cap and I'm at 15.07%. 

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