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Need help with gear choice...

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Afternoon all, I recently ran LFR and got 2 set pieces, and was wondering if its worth replacing a much better ilvl piece? I am elemental spec (i know its worse but I enjoy it far more than enhance :P) I am using a 915 pair of legs atm, 2496 intellect, 649 crit and 1099 mastery and I got tier set legs, 890 ilvl  1977 intellect, 1000 crit, and 591 haste. Now the set piece is much lower ilvl but it does give me my 2-piece bonus, is it worth replacing the 915 legs with the 890 set legs for the bonus? Or should I wait until i can get the 4-pc bonus to equip it?

BTW my stat weights from simcraft with the 915 legs are as follows...

int - 9.28

mastery - 7.83

crit - 6.28

haste - 6.23

versa - 5.45

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