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Would you look at my Enhance logs?

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I was wondering if you could look at my enhancement parse and give me a diagnosis. 

The parse

My armory page

And here is a simulation from AskMrRobot under similar circumstances. - Mastery food, augment rune, no flask

My opener is usually rockB, flameT, frostB, wolves, crash, rockB, StormS, doom+ascend

My rotation/priority basically goes  StormS, LavaL (with procs, then without procs, dependent on maelstrom), rockB, flameT, frostB (if the buffs are about to run out). I usually do a 1,2,3 cadence- rockbiter followed by two abilities. This pattern gets interrupted by stormbringer, where that gets priority until SS is on cd again. Also, if I have high maelstrom, I'll use an extra lavalash and wait to use rockbiter for a couple gcds. 

Looking at my performance on heroic gorroth, it looks like there was a full 30 seconds where I was pretty ineffective- probably because I was running out of the patches on the ground and other boss mechanics. (It was my first time doing heroic gorroth, but I'd done normal a couple times so it's a poor excuse). But would 30 seconds cost me 200k dps? 


For comparison, I found another player with similar ilvl, same legendaries, and a bigger emphasis on haste whose performance that puts my parse to shame to the tune of 800k dps. He's flasked and uses potions of the old war, but that's 35k dps over the course of the fight I think. 


It might be fight familiarity- I've only done a full clear of ToS on normal once, and I am still getting comfortable with the various fights. In dungeons I typically single target for 700k, not quite as close to the simulations as I'd like but probably acceptable. 

What do you guys think? Is there anything that sticks out that I could change? 

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