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Is it ever correct to waste a FoF charge

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The specific case that comes to mind is the following. Suppose you have BF and 1+ FoF, and Ebonbolt has just come off cooldown. Is it higher priority to cast Ebonbolt in the next free GCD - forcing an immediate cast of Flurry and consequently wasting a single FOF - or is it better to clear the FOF charge first?


Furthermore, are there any other situations where it is correct to waste a charge of FOF?


Sorry if this is obvious/has already been asked! 

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 If you have a guaranteed proc like with ebonbolt, you always expend your fof prior to using that. 

The only example would be that you are chain casting frostbolt and the one you just cast gave you a fof and bf. Not knowing you were going to get those procs you cast another frostbolt immediately. Then you would do a fb combo and munch the fof rather than going fb> il then fb>f>il.

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