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Tanking the fence

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First time posting on any forum, ever. Sorry if the post is in the wrong place but I couldn't find a thread with a title that sounded applicable.


I currently have 3 tanking toons, DK, pally, druid. Assuming gear and skill level to be the same on all three, is there anything that really sets one apart from the others? Are there any compelling arguments that would lead a group/guild to favor one over the others? I know a lot of it depends on existing raid comp, but anything that's being considered about the tank classes themselves that I may be missing? Any constructive info would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks all!

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During Throne I tanked with both my DK and my Pally tank.. but it was a pain in the arse keeping both toons completely raid ready considering vp capping and working toward the legendary cloak with both toons.


At the time we were trying to get a second 10man team off the ground, and I was tanking and raid leading both teams.. another thing that was a pain in the arse.  However, on our main team I ended up with a mix of boss kills on both toons because some fights just felt easier on one class over another.  For example I was able to solo tank Horridon with my Pally, leaving my off-tank (a Gaurdian Drood) to just gather adds.  However, on Mageara I liked my DK's shorter CD's for more frequent breath soaks.  It went like this throughout the raid, finding certain fights more favorable for one class over another.


Now that we are in Siege I no longer try to maintain two tanks.  Mostly because we decided not to go straight progression for this expansion for a while.  Since there is no VP vendor giving us Reg. mode item level gear, we are farming some bosses till we are comfortable with item levels (obviously we are not a hard core team).  By switching tanks for certain fights I felt I wasn't maximizing gear drops for either, thus not taking advantage of our period of farming before going straight progression.  Secondly, it's very true that any tanking class is capable of tanking any boss... some have advantages for certain mechanics, but in the end I don't believe one just shines over the others to a point where it's necessary to keep multiple toons geared.


However, I do feel your pain.  It's very easy to really really like all your toons and the decision to leave one behind was difficult at best.  In the end I chose my Pally tank, just because the tool box was deeper and I felt he complemented my Guardian co-tanks abilities better.  My healers also liked my shield bearing skills over the DK.  But most of all I just had more fun with the Paladin and his skill set.. probably a reflection of my play style.


Since then I have often debated with myself over whether I should have taken the DK... but some of that may just be from nostalgia.  A bit of weight seemed to be lifted after not feeling obligated to keep two tanks completely geared each week... and that second ten man team has turned into our Flex Raid team, which has become optional for me... so less pressure there also. 


Lastly, I also had a Guardian druid I had at level 90, but since my off-tank was a furry bear also, I left him by the wayside early in the expansion.  Since I have a little free time now I've been gearing him for Feral spec, and enjoying the occasional break from tanking while enjoying some relaxing dps. (they don't know how lucky they got it.. haha)


There's my story, not sure if it was helpful... but I can definitely relate.

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