Godfrey15 Unlocks All 12 Class Mounts

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Redditor Godrey15 made a post recently, linking to an Imgur gallery with all 12 class mounts he unlocked!

To unlock the class mount quest for one character, you need to complete Breaching the TombBreaching the Tomb on that character. Once a specific class mount's unlocked, it can be used on any alt of the same class without having to complete the Broken Shore story again. Imagine doing this twelve times over! According to his comments, he likes the Monk class mount best and the most confusing part of the campaign was Relieved of Their Valuables.  Here's a link to his gallery.

Obviously, he wasn't the first one to unlock all class mounts, so we'd like to congratulate all players that did so!

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How many class mounts have you unlocked so far?

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I have 2 for now, but I am going for 11 on the 12(Since I get really bored super fast on the mage, I'll get that one in the future).

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If he wasn't the first one then what was the point of singling  him out and making it a news story?

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You can get them surprisingly quickly - if you have the 110 toons that is :)

Most tedious part, apart from the actual leveling itself, is the original Class Hall Campaign. Depending on Class this is a rather long story, especially with classes that are involved in the suramar thing. I mean, i did that stuff once on my main - which is a DK and has nothing Class Hall related in there (IIRC...  been a while and i will not be doing that again any time soon...) As soon as you can start the legionfall Campaign and the class hall campaign out of the way, you can get the mount in two to three days I'd say, probably even quicker if you get lucky with timers and "binge" the Mount.

Gating points from a personal experience are, (1) defending the broken isles (the complete a legion invasion quest) since invasions are usually up at wonky times, (2) self-fulfilling prophecy (the one with 12 WQ on the broken shore) cause there ain't 12 up a day and (3) championing our cause (the follower mission thing) since the missions just take their time (8 hours give or take). All the other stuff required for breaching the tomb can be done quite easily using the premade groupfinder (i'm looking at you, marks of the sentinax) and there's usually awesome guides/comments over at wowhead . granted, relieved of their valuables still is kind of a pita.

If you didn't know btw, they hotfixed some of the achievements required for the mount, most notably said relieved of their valuables quest, now requiring only 5 instead of 10 chests and championing our cause only needing 1 mission instead of three. While elite strike missions do count now, the probability to complete them on an alt is rather slim because of the reqs.

Then there's the quests for the mounts themselves which again vary greatly in effort needed depending on class (eg. palas or WLs vs. DK).

I am sitting at 9/12 atm so this is just my personal experiance. I did made it my personal quest however, to get them all :) This  is by no means to tell you how dedicated i am or such – since there are obviously ppl that already have all of them. I'd rather like to motivate everyone to try and get the mounts if you think they are worth the effort.


Happy huntin'


Edit: The Questline will take you through revered with the armies and net you more than enough shards to buy yourself one of those repurposed fel focuser things. Above that, you'll get several thousands of order resources to continue order hall advancements.

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its a pretty doable task. I mean typically by now in expansions I'd have all alts max level probably sitting in at least heroic gear, I just can't bring myself to level alts this expac,

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If you don't care for super quick insta 110 levelling as in i have to get suchandsuch to 110 right now and you have a toon above 100 (98?) you can do the invasions if they are up. Takes about half an hour to knock off the six Invasion-WQs and nets you a lvl give or take in heirloom gear. Even without heirlooms xp from these WQ is still pretty silly... Will take up several days though; invasion times are not always RL friendly if i may put it that way.

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Not much of a story, I had 12 class mounts barely a week into last patch. I also have the 2 extra warlock mounts and the 2 additional hunter mounts and 1 of the extra rogue mounts. So, 17 total class mounts for me. Grats to all though, it does take some effort.

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