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Trinket issue

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Hello there, maybe you guys can help me, i see that Tarnished Sentinel MedallionTarnished Sentinel Medallion is one of the best destro warlock trinkets, and i have one ilvl 915 with +1248 Mastery and a Use spectral owl attack, the issue is should i replace one of my 2 ivl 880 with it, since i will lose either 1712 Int (with change of 3967 Mast, Haste or Crit for 8sec) or 1712 Int + 1096 versatility? And if so, witch one?




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You can go to raidbots.com and sim the difference yourself.  But a +30 item level upgrade is almost always worth it - and the Medallion is one of the best (if not the best) single target trinkets for Destruction.

That being said - Medallion is not very good on multi-target fights.   So it's possible the 880 trinket would be better on some fights and in m+. 

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