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what to use need some help

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hi all so i just got my hc tos 4set i still have t19 4set and also i just got Soul of the Huntmaster  so now i have all bm legos


do i stay with what i am using from above or do i use the new ring  plus 2 t19 and new 4 set but is that only for db zoo build or can it be used with df build


sorry to keep going on at your all to just wish i could sort it on my own but as i cant use raidbotts for some reason  i need some help


cheers all thanks

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have you tried simming different combinations of set bonuses and legendaries? your build isnt right for your stats ether. with that much crit id run the Stomp build. i would think your best combo would be Ring+Belt 2pT19+ 4Pt20 for a crit stomp build. 4P20 with a combo of Chest/belt/ring/shoulder in some fashion may be just as good. if you are going for BF build you need to be looking for much more mastery and the T19 bonuses arent that important so you can go 4pT20 and whichever 2 leggies yield you the best sim.

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