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Under-performing hunter

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I have been raiding with a hunter whose dps just doesn't add up.  I've never played a hunter so I need some advice so I can help her and our raid.




We ran animus and qon recently: 



I don't know what rotation she's using, but whatever it is, seems wrong.  Please help.

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I don't know much about survival spec, I run BM.  But yes, at 525 ilvl she should be doing better than that.  I'm only 517 and missing a few glyphs and enchants, and still pull over 100k regularly.


Do you have any way to find out what her rotation is?

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I would say you should do better BUT you should understand you doing single target bosses and Suv fails against BM.


If your ilvl 525 *no sets B and grade 2 trinket* and raiding with ppl 530+ more over clothies then you wont have a chance to DPS.

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Finally got around to making a forum account! This is my first ever forum post so please bear with me. If any hunters disagree with what I have to say in this post, PLEASE PLEASE say something because it will probably make me a better player in the end!


The secondary stat priority for Survival Hunters is:

Hit & Expertise at 7.5% > Crit > Haste > Mastery


So looking at this person's armory, I have noticed a few things:


  • The points required to get Expertise to 7.5% is 2550, and the points required to get Hit up to 7.5% as a DRAENEI is 2210. This person is well over the Hit and Expertise cap. Any point above 7.5% in both these stats is a wasted point that could have been reforged to a better stat. I would suggest using Mr.Robot, because that site optimizes your reforging perfectly.
  • This person is using Agility/Stam gems in most places. As a hunter you should be using Agi/Hit (Glinting Imperial Amethyst) as your purple gem and Agi/Crit (Deadly Vermilion Onyx) as your orange gem.

Secondly, I looked at your Iron Qon logs because out of the 2 bosses, Iron Qon gives me the most accurate assessment of this persons one target damage. How I assess the correctness of their rotation is by looking at the abilities and the percentage of their total DPS that ability contributes to.


Looking at this log, this person had these abilities in order:


1. Auto Shot (20.4%)

2. Explosive Shot (18.2%)

3, Serpent Sting (17.1%)

4. Cobra Shot (11.7%)

5. Black Arrow (8.3%)

6. Arcane Shot (6.6%)


What I got when I did a test on the dummy. Granted that these values will be a little different in an actual encounter but they should be very similar to this:




As a survival hunter, you should be trying to maximize the amount of explosive shots you use because that is where majority of our damage comes from! Please let this hunter know that they should use the Icy Veins guide for Survival Hunters because it is very well written and is what I mostly follow.


If you have any questions please let me know!

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I am afraid to say the logs you linked aren't of use.


Being progression bosses / animus people wont be playing their a-game as they are adjusting to the fight/mechanics. Animus is just bad for dps anyway since there is so much down time and only a small window to shine, hence BM would have helped.


Rivenscryr: With that gear, I would gem agil/stam ... as you say, the extra hit is pointless so having stam is more advantagous thank hit in that circumstance.


All the bonuses they have gone for (other than legs which would be better pure agility) have given more agility through the bonus than the loss of hit would impact on their dps.


As pointed out, the Icy Veins guides are awesome, there is a following on the forum to help out too.


They could reduce their hit, but I think they would need a better gear choice to deal with the expertise.

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Guest WeeWilly

hey, you folks are on my realm or I am on yours (Rexxar). :D  If you ever would like a BM hunter to tag along in a flexy raid, let me know - Roothehunter or Juwun or Tamhais. (that takes you to my blog page where you can see my toons) I would like to get back into raiding as I haven't done any since LK.


 It's ok whatever the answer is - I'm very easy. :D 

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