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low dps enh

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Aim for 100% uptime on the ring 1.5% damage buffs (outside of the frost if not using hailstorm), landslide, and flametongue. Also, lava lash more. You should never be at full maelstrom playing an enhancement shaman. If you have around 120 or more maelstrom, spam lava lash if you don't have anything else to use it on. Use stormstrike on CD and crash lightning every 6 seconds to keep 100% uptime on the aoe shit it leaves on the ground. 

Try out using Earthen Spike instead of Ascendance as well. Earthen Spike is normally much easier to manage than Ascendance because it comes up much faster. If you blow CD's too early so it doesn't line up with your Ascendance you're losing DPS. + Earthen Spike is a DPS increase anyways after you get 4 set.

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I'd recommend gemming for haste rather than mastery at this point. If you want, you can also put an agi gem into your prydaz. Your cloak should be enchanted with the legion agi enchant. Also your neck enchant should be mark of the hidden satyr (i think that's what it's called). Your Crit is also quite high, but i get that that'll be fixed in the future with drops. Your trinkets are not ideal, but from your logs it doesn't look like you ever used your Vial of ceaseless toxins? If that's the case try to use it on cooldown.

Aside from the death, there some periods where your buffs are falling off. If you don't already, I'd recommend getting an addon to track your flametongue and landslide buffs. Your FT isn't too mad, but there's a lot of time when your landslide isn't up. With landslide being such a potent buff, there's very little excuse for it to ever fall off. There's also a big period where your lightning crash fell off, and while its not a fantastic buff, it should be kept up as much as possible. 


It looks like you pre-potted at the start, which is good, but you didn't use a 2nd pot during the fight. Usually you want to use it with your 2nd ascendance.

Around 1.36 in the fight it looks like you stopped attacking entirely. Not sure what happened, but yeah, obviously that's an issue.


You spend a lot of time with either extremely high maelstrom, or capped maelstrom. Any time you cap maelstrom, you're losing dps. During ascendance it's practically unavoidable to cap maelstrom, but outside you should aim to never cap. If you're above about 60-80 maelstrom, it's fine to be dumping it with lava lash

The Death

I can't really tell whether the death was entirely your fault, or if the healers in your group are were struggling, but it doesn't look like you used astral shift during the fight. It's a very good defensive to use if you know you're about to take damage, and the healers are going to be struggling. You should have a boss mod installed, and in this fight most damage comes from bone saw and fel squal, both of which are very predictable. Just be aware to move from them in plenty of time, and you have a powerful defensive at the ready, as well as a spamable heal (healing surge), should you need it.

Hope this helped :)




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I think the problem is primarily in playstyle. I don't see where you used your Vial trinket, and there are way too few Lava Lash casts. Stormstrike is somewhat devalued, but Lava Lash is a lot more powerful than it used to be due to the new golden trait. It took me a bit of adjustment to work out how to play post 7.2 since you can't just spam Stormstrike endlessly. You only get one extra charge and it's less attractive to press it that second time since LL is more efficient now.

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