BM and 2P T16 Bonus = the suck?

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As BM I've been playing with the 2P bonus and my first impressions are that it's pretty lack luster (pieces are Chest and Gloves).

Talents: CT,HC | Binding Shot | Iron Hawk | Dire Beast | AMoC | Glave Toss

Glyphs: Major: Liberation | Animal Bond | Deterrence - Minor: Direction | Revive Pet | Tame Beast

Initial single target leading rotation: SS > Rapid Fire > Dire Beast > BW & KC (Macro'ed) > AMoC > Stampede

Throughout the fight I am reducing the CD of Rapid Fire by c. 1:15 to 1:30 but I am finding that Rapid Fire's CD being up is not always lining up with other abilities that could utilize it (such as Dire Beast). With my haste at 12,300 and Focus Fire (5 charges) proc'ing like crazy I am not really seeing the benefit in this 2P bonus. In fact, I lost c. 15-20K DPS using the 2P T16 over the 4P T15 (even though with the 2P T16 my ilvl, Haste, Crit and Agility were increased).

Now, am I missing something, doing something wrong? Should I just use RF the second it's up regardless or am I not seeing something (that very well may be staring me right in the face) or am I correct in saying for BM, 2P T16 is the suck?

(Note: I have not tried the 2P with Survival yet, and I can see it being more beneficial for SV than BM since SV doesn't have Focus Fire)


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Macroing BW and KC doesn't work, your computer sends the data at the same time and the game usually doesn't update fast enough for the BW to affect KC. You are better to make a seperate macro for BW with arcane shot or simply press BW in the time between your last shot and KC. There only has to be a fraction of a second difference but macro'd doesn't seem to work.


To see better benefit, if you have rapid about to come off cd, don't spend your fenzy, remember your pet having frenzy increases your pets dps. You only want to steal the frenzy from it if you will be making better use of it than your pet. Which is also why you should not use yoru frenzy stacks just before or during BW as it will end up being a dps loss as your pet would do more dmg.


Not got the 2 piece myself, but I would imagine using it on cd is the best action as unless you wont be using arcane, you will be losing the benefit for any time it is off cd and arcane is used.

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Right on, thanks for the post Xinto.


I *think* that my macro is working because I've noticed that KC only costs 20 focus when I hit the macro and BW is off CD. I tested this in raid and on target dummies and each time the cost of KC was only 20 focus.


I will try giving the 2P T16 more of a chance and cast Rapid Fire as often as it is available and using AS when and where appropriate while RF is active. It just kinda sucks that it doesn't really line of with anything else that could utilize the effect.


That said, I can't wait to test everything with Assurance of Consequence! smile.png

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