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New to Rogue, low parses

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Hey, I recently started playing WoW again after a long break and have decided on a Rogue. After a few weeks of playing I've managed to get some ilvl, but whenever I check logs my overall% and ilvl% are almost always gray. It's starting to annoy me and I feel I'm doing something very wrong, but I think I have the right stat prio. Are there any obvious flaws you guys see that could help me improve?






Haradjan HC log:



Demo Inc HC log:



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First off, you need 4 tier pieces from Tos,

Try to do as much mythic / + and old raids for chance for your bis legendaries. 
(Duskwalker's Footpads and Mantle of the Master Assassin)

Try to get Convergence of Fates from Elisande in NH and Engine of Eradication from Maiden of vigilance.

Other than that the only thing which looks not too good (by stat weight) is your shoulders and your trinket hunger of the pack, otherwise your gear looks fine

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