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Guide clarification

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Hello warlock community,


I have a few question about the guide that i am unclear on.

1. Reap Souls usage. The guide has it to be used after either 2 casts of UA or if Reap stacks are above 4. Is this where we always cast it in the rotation? ie, if i am at 4 stacks and just life tapped, (about to start the rotation over, do i just sit on the stacks until i UA twice or do i hit it anytime it is at 4+. It also goes on to state that it should be used with 4 soul shards. If we just used the SS to cast our UA, how is this possible?


2. Unstable Affliction. 2.3.1 states that while playing with contagion, you should maintain UA on 2-3 targets. However, 2.3's last sentence is no matter what talent you take, it is better to focus your UA instead of multidotting with it. So do we multidot with it or not? Separate question on UA's usage with contagion, 2.3 states that when playing with contagion you want to prioritize keeping it up 100% of the time. Does this mean we should ignore step 5 of the 1.1 rotation? If we use drain soul until UA expires, there will be downtime where we are casting Lift Tap and our instant dots before UA is back on the target. Do we follow the 1.1 rotation or do we go ahead and start the rotation again so that we are reapplying UA as the previous round's UAs are falling off?


3. Multidotting. How is it best done. do you rotate through each target and put A, C, SL, UA then move to the next one and repeat? Do you put Agony on all then go back and put Corruption on all, etc? or some sort of mix where you put the instants on one then dot up the next one and when it comes UA time rotate though and put one on each. If they are short lived add, 10 sec or less is it even worth putting Agony up if they will die right when it start hitting its hardest?

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I think you're overthinking things but I may answer 2 and 3.

Multidoting becomes harder as the number of target increases. Contagion only works well on fully dotted targets. I personnaly find difficult to manage it with more than 2 targets.  So that would leave you to 2 choices:

1/ starting from 3 targets, seed of corruption becomes effective. You should spec with the seed, they're awesome and the rotation is easy. Just apply agony to generate shards and go crazy with the seeds. Another important point, since the last patch I find that using the seed talent does not hurt your single target dps that much. You can still have siphon life.

2/ if you dont want to seed, then I'd rather apply just the agony on many targets and dump all UA on a fully dotted priority target. Contagion works well on such target especially if you use malefic grasp (I advise to use MG, one of the few bursty talent).

There's a lock legendary which  may refound your shards when you apply UA on a target that has no UA. This may change things a little bit, but multi-dotting is something I struggle with and if you do as well, you'd be better with a seed base rotation. Some rotations are strong on paper, but difficult to execute. In the end what matters is your actual DPS (+your burst ability for some fights)

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Thank you for your input bobifle. I will have to play around with your suggestions and see how they feel/ how well i can execute the various rotations. 

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