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Patch 7.3: Seat of the Triumvirate Dungeon

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Seat of the Triumvirate is a new 5-player dungeon located in Mac'Aree (Argus). It has four bosses and we did a run on Heroic difficulty.

The dungeon is also available on Mythic difficulty and has the following achievements:

  • Darker SideDarker Side - Defeat L'ura in Seat of the Triumvirate with all party members affected by Crushing Darkness on Mythic Difficulty.
  • Heroic: Seat of the TriumvirateHeroic: Seat of the Triumvirate - Defeat L'ura in Seat of the Triumvirate on Heroic difficulty or higher.
  • Let it All OutLet it All Out - Have Darkfang destroy 4 Sealed Void Caches using Shadow Pounce in Seat of the Triumvirate on Mythic Difficulty.
  • Mythic: Seat of the TriumvirateMythic: Seat of the Triumvirate - Defeat L'ura in Seat of the Triumvirate on Mythic difficulty.
  • Welcome the VoidWelcome the Void - Bring Urjad from the void realm using Void Tear, then defeat him and Zuraal the Ascended in Seat of the Triumvirate on Mythic Difficulty.

The new achievements weren't added to Glory of the Legion HeroGlory of the Legion Hero, so they won't be mandatory if you plan to get Reins of the Leyfeather HippogryphReins of the Leyfeather Hippogryph after Patch 7.3 goes live.


  • Zuraal the Ascended
    • Zuraal represents the Shadowguard's first success at creating a void-infused broken whose mind has not fallen into madness. A renowned brawler in his past life. Zuraal uses his newfound dark strength to empower his attacks and decimate his foes.
  • Saprish
    • The ever-tactical Saprish deploys the forces of the Shadowguard with calculated precision. Though a skilled commander and strategist, Saprish relishes taking a direct hand in battle. He turns his foes' weaknesses against them, leaving his vulnerable adversaries at the mercy of his voracious pets.
  • Viceroy Nezhar
    • Like others of his ilk, Viceroy Nezhar is obsessed with harnessing the power of the Void to serve his own ambitions. Drawn to the Seat of the Triumvirate by the immense darkness emanating from deep within. Nezhar will stop at nighing to claim it for his own. Given the viceroy's experiments at infusing vessels with the power of shadow, the implications of what he might accomplish on Argus are dire indeed.
  • L'ura
    • When Velen and his followers fled Argus aboard the Genedar, the naaru L'ura stayed behind to buy the draenei time to escape. Kil'jaeden, enraged by this betrayal, ordered the wounded naaru sealed away in the Seat of the Triumvirate. Over the long millennia that passed, L'ura fell from Light to Void. Her elegant song of courage and hope became a shadowy dirge of despair, luring those seeking to lay claim to her power.


  • Velen sends you to recover The Crest of KnowledgeThe Crest of Knowledge from L'ura at some point during your Mac'Aree experience. The quest reward is an ilvl 900 back.


  • Heroic difficulty - 845+
  • Mythic difficulty - 865+

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Water Jet cooldown increased to 20 seconds (was 15 seconds). Freeze now applies maximum stacks for Frigid Exposure. Frigid Exposure now increases damage taken by 4% per stack (was 2%) and maximum stacks reduced to 5 (was 10). Winter’s Blessing Haste increased to 8% (was 3%). Thermal Void increases Icy Veins duration by 5 seconds (was 10 seconds). Thermal Void causes Ice Lance to increase Icy Veins’ duration by 0.5 seconds (was 1 second) and causes Glacial Spike to increase Icy Veins’ duration by 1.5 seconds (was 3 seconds). Frozen Orb radius increased by 15% and damage increased by 25%. Frostbolt’s chance to gain Brain Freeze reduced to 25% (was 30%). Coldest Snap has been slightly redesigned – Cone of Cold’s cooldown is increased to 45 seconds and resets the cooldown of Frozen Orb, Comet Storm, and Blizzard. In addition, Cone of Cold applies Winter’s Chill to all enemies hit. Snowstorm increases Cone of Cold’s damage by 18/36% per stack (was 12/24%). Maximum stacks reduced to 15 (was 30). Frozen Touch now grants Fingers of Frost 25% more often (was 20%) and now grants Brain Freeze 15% more often (was 20%). Glacial Spike cast time reduced by 0.5 seconds and damage increased by 10%. Mastery: Icicles reduces the damage of icicles by 25%. Mastery now also increases the damage of Blizzard, Comet Storm, Ice Lance, Glacial Spike, and Ray of Frost Frozen Orb’s damage from Mastery: Icicles has been reduced to account for the newly added abilities that gain Mastery scaling. PALADIN Holy Echoing Blessing’s location has moved to below Holy Aegis. The starter build has been updated. Crusader’s Might is now a 1 point talent and grants 1.5 seconds of cooldown reduction to Holy Shock. Relentless Inquisition is now a 1 point talent and can stack up to 5 times. New Talent: Awestruck – Holy Shock, Holy Light, and Flash of Light critical healing increased by 15%. Holy Infusion now shares a choice node with Awestruck. Glorious Dawn now increases the healing and damage of Glimmer of Light by 10%. Awakening now triggers Avenging Wrath for 12 seconds (was 10 seconds). Fixed an issue that caused Relentless Inquisitor to not stack its effect from Avenging Crusader. Fixed an issue that caused Light of the Martyr to cost less mana than intended. WARLOCK Affliction Xavius’ Gambit no longer increases the damage of Unstable Affliction’s backlash damage. ITEMS AND REWARDS
      PROFESSIONS Leatherworking The patterns for Deviate Scale Cloak, Deviate Scale Gloves, and Deviate Scale Belt can now sometimes be found within Stuffed Deviate Scale Pouches which drop from Druids of the Fang inside Wailing Caverns. The patterns for Girdle of Insight, Mongoose Boots, Swift Flight Bracers, Chromatic Cloak, Hide of the Wild, and Shifting Cloak can now sometimes be found within Knot Thimblejack’s Cache for players who acquire the Gordok Shackle Key within Dire Maul. Tailoring The pattern for Belt of the Archmage can now sometimes be found within Knot Thimblejack’s Cache for players who acquire the Gordok Shackle Key within Dire Maul. PLAYER VERSUS PLAYER
      EVOKER Dreamwalker’s Embrace heals you and your ally for 100% of damage dealt to enemies struck by the tether. Time Stop cooldown reduced to 1 minute (was 1.5 minutes) and duration increased to 5 seconds (was 4 seconds). PALADIN Holy Searing Glare’s cooldown reduced to 45 seconds and radius increased to 25 yards. Glimmer of Light now deals 50% damage in PvP combat (was 75%). WARLOCK Affliction Deathbolt (PvP Talent) has been removed. New Talent: Oblivion – Unleash wicked magic upon your target’s soul, dealing Shadow damage over 3 seconds. Deals 10% increased damage, up to 30%, per damage over time effect you have active on the target. USER INTERFACE AND ACCESSIBILITY
      Updated the “open hand” interaction cursor with high resolution art. Updated unit frame art for totems. Added a “Sell All Junk” button to vendors. Updated “Repair” and “Repair All” button art on vendors. EDIT MODE Added Archaeology bar. Added width and height sliders to the Chat Frame.
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