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Dps is too low =(

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Hi guys, sorry for my english, i`m russian

I have problems with my dps, i have 917 ilvl, BiS legendaries and i know rotation. But my dps is 700k on KJ and i have blue or green logs.  Can you say me about my mistakes?

My attempt on KJ today - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/c3AQtWwX4Vp2ajZf#view=analytical

My attemts with giuld - https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/Lk7fagJ8xD6yTcjq#view=analytical

My armory - https://worldofwarcraft.com/ru-ru/character/soulflayer/Марлокс

If you need more logs - i can done it.

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Hey! Cant say too much since alot of the info on the logs seems to be hidden.

Your main struggle seem to be what most of the mages are having trouble with, which is downtime. During the Goroth kill there are multiple moments were you are not casting anything. Your aim should be to always be casting. It is very doable with Shimmer and a bit of pre-planning. So just look into the fights, check the bosstimers and always be prepared for what the boss is going to do and position for it.

There are also periods when you havent used an Ice Lance for over 20 seconds, might just be bad luck but to counter it you should go Frozen Touch instead of Splitting Ice until you have better gear.

Other than that you should focus your gear on a bit more haste/versatility since you have reached the shattercap (~33% crit). I recommend to sim your character to see what your statweights are and what you should focus more on! :)

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