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I've recently got ToS 4piece set bonus (normal) and I'm not sure if it's actually good for me. I'll post my stats from builds before that, along with stats with ToS 4piece.

single target: 917 ilvl, hands & eye of twisting nether legendaries, (agility, crit&, haste%, mastery%) = (36k, 19, 33, 50)

aoe: 916, eye & KJ burning wish, (36k, 23, 31, 50)

tos1: 919, akainu's absolute justice & eye, (36k, 25, 30, 39) (here i'd use hot hand + hailstorm talens)

tos2: 916, eye & KJ bw, (36k, 24, 32, 42)

Here is also my armory if it's any help.

Which one of those is best for different situations (m+, raid) ?


Thanks in advance. :D


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