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ATTN: Owners of SoO Trinkets

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Please post your logs if you possess the following trinkets:


Bindings (Amplification + ICD proc)

Kardris Totem (Multistrike + RPPM proc)

Frenzied Crystal (Cleave + RPPM proc)

Black Blood (Haste + stacking Proc)


I would like to analyze some logs of those who ran with these trinkets.  I have BBoY so I can analyze that in my Flex run yesterday, but I'm looking for logs to analyze various trinkets across specs in single target and multi-target situations.  Provide your favorite theorycrafters some data to crunch!


<3 Zagam

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The item level doesn't matter.  I can scale them with the formulas that are modified via scaling of item level.  I just need logs. 

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Posting from my logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/reports/rt-44pmhk7xctdjdql6/dashboard/


Flex Fallen Protectors (4:54)

Fiery Wrath - 10 procs, 81.9 sec uptime, 27.7% uptime

Wrath of the Darkspear - 5 procs, 50.1 sec uptime, 17.0% uptime

Perfect Aim - 3 procs, 12.3 sec uptime, 4.2% uptime


Flex Sha of Pride (4:18)

Fiery Wrath - 8 procs, 71.4 sec uptime, 27.5% uptime

Wrath of the Dark Spear - 4 procs, 40.1 sec uptime, 15.4% uptime

Perfect Aim - 10 procs, 39.5 sec uptime, 15.2% uptime (WTF!)


Flex Iron Juggernaut (4:24)

Fiery Wrath - 11 procs, 63.2 sec uptime, 23.8% uptime

Wrath of the Dark Spear - 5 procs, 50.0 sec uptime, 18.8% uptime

Perfect Aim - 5 procs, 20.3 sec uptime, 7.6% uptime


Flex Dark Shamans (5:34)

Fiery Wrath - 5 procs, 40.0 sec uptime, 11.9% uptime

Wrath of the Darkspear - 7 procs, 61.5 sec uptime, 18.3% uptime

Perfect Aim - 5 procs, 20.4 sec uptime, 6.1% uptime


Flex General Nazgrim (5:24)

Fiery Wrath - 8 procs, 72.9 sec uptime, 22.4% uptime

Wrath of the Darkspear - 6 procs, 60.1 sec uptime, 18.5% uptime

Perfect Aim - 6 procs, 23.5 sec uptime, 7.2% uptime


Overall, Wrath looks like a poor choice for Demonology.  I anticipated as much, but I won't replace it until I get Bindings.  It's really only good to time Soul Fires in Metamorphosis for mega damage. 


WTF at Perfect Aim procs during Sha of Pride.

10 procs in 264 seconds?  Wow.  By comparison, notice I only got 3 during a fight of similar duration on multiple targets.  Reverse it and my damage on Protectors may have exploded.


I'm ignoring Immerseus (played Destro, weird fight), Norushen (weird fight with phasing), and Galakras which has a lot of downtime and weird things going on.


Here's an interesting look at procs by number of Soul Fires fired for 2pc bonus (Demo):


Flex Protectors - 44 Soul Fires, 10 procs = 22.7%

Flex Sha - 43 Soul Fires, 8 procs = 18.6%

Flex IJ - 54 Soul Fires, 11 procs = 20.4%

Flex DS - 28 Soul Fires, 5 procs = 17.9%

Flex GN - 32 Soul Fires, 8 procs = 25.0%


2pc seems to be proccing right as it should.  Obviously, more Soul Fires = higher uptime.  I failed pretty hard at this on Dark Shamans because the fight turned into a cluster%*#@ and it was more along the lines of keep moving to survive because both tanks are down, a Rogue is tanking, slimes are everywhere, etc. 


Curious as to the uptime in execute which, I believe, is where this set bonus shines. 


Flex Protectors - 1 proc in execute - rather poor RNG

Flex Sha - 3 of 7 procs coming in last 25% of fight

Flex IJ - 10 of 11 procs coming in last 25% of fight.  This is likely why I parsed #1 LFR/Flex.  Hard to argue with 20% fully buffed execute phase

Flex DS - 4 of 5 procs coming in last 25% of fight

Flex GN - 3 of 8 procs in first 40 seconds, 5 of 8 procs in last 30% of fight.


Basically, because I was leading a bunch of people, I didn't focus as much on my procs of Molten Core and use more Soul Fires.  I had way too much MC uptime for my liking (95%), so I likely sat on 10 charges while making sure people switched to adds, called out resses, etc.  Not an excuse, just an explanation, but it goes to show how powerful this proc is when you're spamming Soul Fire at the end of a fight.


4pc analysis is pretty rough because it doesn't show a different spell ID for proc'd HoGs.  You can KINDA see bonus Chaos Waves (I'd never cast Chaos Wave on Iron Juggernaut, but my log shows 6 Chaos Waves).  I'll be looking at others logs and posting more relevant info.

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Omaric's Logs


Normal Protectors (9:10)

Demonology - Bindings + UVLS

Expanded Mind - 4 procs, 80 sec uptime, 14.5%

Perfect Aim - 7 procs, 27.8 sec uptime, 5.1%

1st, 2nd, and 4th DS/Bindings proc overlapped.  3rd did not.


Normal Sha (6:16)

Demonology - Bindings + UVLS

Expanded Mind - 4 procs, 78.1 sec uptime, 20.7%

Perfect Aim - 5 procs, 20.0 sec uptime, 5.3%

1st, 3rd, and 4th had some overlap of DS and Bindings proc.  2nd proc/DS had 100% synergy.


Normal IJ (6:01)

Demonology - Bindings + UVLS

Expanded Mind - 3 procs, 60.1 sec, 16.5% uptime

Perfect Aim - 5 procs, 20.3 sec, 5.6% uptime

1st, 2nd, and 3rd DS + Bindings proc had near 100% synergy.


Normal DS (5:15)

Demonology - Bindings + UVLS

Expanded Mind - 3 procs, 60.2 sec uptime, 19.0%

Perfect Aim - 5 procs, 20.4 sec uptime, 6.4%

Expanded Mind and Dark Soul overlapped with near 100% synergy all 4 times.


Normal GN (7:25)

Destruction - Cha-Ye's + Bindings

Expanded Mind - 3 procs, 60.0 sec uptime, 13.5%

Expanded Mind and Dark Soul NEVER overlapped. 


A note: on the 17th, on Protectors, you delayed your 2nd Dark Soul breaking synergy with your trinket.  Looks like you delayed for a Desperate Measures burst..just lost trinket synergy. 


Most of the time, Dark Soul + Trinket lined up perfectly as long as you used DS on CD.  Thanks for logs...lot of good info there.  No need to hypernanalyze proc rate of trinket - lines up every 2 mins as expected, give or take a few seconds. 

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Yeah I'm very happy with Bindings.  Also, Nazgram DS was halted due to Defensive Stance.  I find that fight very annoying, but overall better suited for Demonology.

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Yeah, I knew that about Naz.  Curious as to why you halted on Protectors since there's really no reason to burst rather than keep super mega inflated Dooms on everything.  Not a criticism...just a curiousity.  I'd think if you had Bindings, you'd be better off optimizing DS + Bindings proc than delaying some a small burst window.  Also, I know heroic logs are showing as normal...none of your kills were heroic right?

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Yeah I don't think I can pinpoint why I held it, possibly because I wasn't comfortable with the optimal time to use it at that time.


And they were all normal kills.

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Bindings procs are pretty stable as thought.  Pretty impressed with avg Agony and UA crit on Sha of Pride as they were both averaging over 100k.  Must have done superb with the Wushoolays + Bindings procs.  It does seem fairly sure you'd get them to line up in a pretty predictible manner.  Looks pretty solid to line up at the beginning as well.


Hell, on Iron Juggernaut, your average Agony Crit was over 120k!  This must be one electric synergy proc since you're getting all that with Tempus Repit and Dark Soul...and if you're getting it, Bloodlust, too!  The 30% uptime on Wush probably didn't hurt you.  you'll be quite dangerous with Black Blood in your hands instead of Wush.  I think with BB, I should go back Aff...

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All these logs just make me really jealous of these damn Bindings dropping for everyone.  I might just do LFR tonight purely for that.  I think I'd replace my 561 BBoY for 535 Bindings for Demo and use UVLS + Bindings for Demo and Bindings + BBoY for Affliction...argh.  Those Bindings are so damn good.

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Hi there,


Normal kills with Kardris' Toxic Totem & a single TF UVLS, both 2/2 upgraded:


Sha (aff), Galakras (destro), Juggernaught (aff):


Garrosh (destro):


Dark Shamans (aff):



Spoils (destro), a bugged siegecrafter and Garrosh again as destro:



We have just a few logs available, hope this helps.

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Logs from today in LFR, two Norushen and three Sha of Pride. I switched to demo on the last sha of pride try because our AOE wasn't working out and I needed the immolates and chaos waves.


Feel free to critique. Average warlock trying to get better.




Edit: 548 bindings and a 510 Wushoolay's.


Edit 2: Should be visible now . . . still getting the hang of WoL.

Edited by zombiecurse

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