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Need some Help with dps (have logs)

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Whew, this is a bit of a mess, but we can fix it, we have the technology.


Gonna start with the most easily corrected problem, your itemization. You need to be shooting for 33.33% crit, which lies somewhere between 10k and 11k crit rating(Not totally sure the exact number) meanwhile you're running a whopping 4.4k. Yes this is much much easier with more gear, but its almost your lowest stat with mastery barely being beaten out at 4.2k. Focus on getting as much crit as you can until you hit the cap, then start focusing on other stats. After that you want to go for vers/mastery if you wish to go Glacial or haste for Thermal Void . My recommendation is Thermal Void, Glacial is viable for someone not going for cutting edge dps, but it is both weaker and requires slightly more thought to ensure you boost your chances of having a flurry for as many Glacials as possible.


Moving on to your spec, most of the fights you were running more of a normal setup, Splitting Ice, Thermal Void, etc etc, but on Goroth you had Ice Nova and Glacial Spike, which either means you came in after some PvP and then fixed that after the Goroth kill, or you were using that for single target. Ice Nova is pretty crap for single target compared to anything else in that tier. But as I assume it was just a spec messup, gonna just sorta touch on it but not go much deeper.


Your rotation, on the other hand, could use a lot more in depth analysis. You most of the time seem to know what's going on, executing a mostly correct spell priority, but this comes mostly in bursts, with large chunks of the fight looking as if you have your undivided attention paid elsewhere and you seem to forget you are supposed to be doing damage as well. Many pulls have you waiting to cast, Mistress Sassz'ine having a whopping 20 seconds before you threw so much as a glance at her.  You should be opening with an Ebonbolt cast about 3 seconds before the fight starts(based on haste, shorten that a bit if you start getting more so you don't pull early) followed by it's Flurry>Ice Lance combo as you hit Icy Veins+any racials/trinkets you have, then diving into your normal rotation(I like to Frostbolt a few times before tossing my Frozen Orb to get stacks, others like to throw it right away.


Even after the bad opener, there are a lot of windows of little to no casts. There's really no fights in ToS that require a lot of movement past your 2 charges of Shimmer, and you should be comfortable enough with your rotation to continue dps while moving across the room with it since that's what the additional effect of the spell is for. Any further movement could easily be filled by instant casts, if you know you'll have to move soon, bank a FoF charge or Flurry proc for a few seconds beforehand and let those loose while you reposition. You shouldn't find yourself at any point of the fight thinking to yourself what to hit next, before setting foot in a raid you should have enough knowledge of your class to execute your rotation while thinking about the fight itself, not having to either think about one at the cost of the other. 


Hit a training dummy, go for 5 minutes. When you're done with that, look at how you did, check what you did wrong. Do it again.  Sim your character, see what you SHOULD be doing, and keep going at the dummy until you're close, at least be near the minimum that the sim gives you, you'll never be as good as the computer, but there's no reason you shouldn't be close. There's a reason you can always find people hitting the dummy in the class halls, and it's not because it's a ton of fun, it's so you can get better at dps so you can focus on having fun in the raid, performing and helping while doing the fight properly.

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