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Trinket Confusion

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So I have been looking around at trinket advice between here and MMO forums. I would like some clarification from you gurus out there, please. UVLS (normal) is still top choice for Demo (if you don't have a higher ilvl one) correct? How well is a normal UVLS for affliction? MMO forums have said it is a must, but I haven't heard anything elsewhere. If I do want to use UVLS as affliction which of my second trinkets should I use TFBreath or TFWFC? I also heard whisperings that normal, even WF normal bindings are not good for affliction because of its low proc rate on the int bonus, any word on that?


I'm also looking at switching from Affli/Dest to Affli/Demo, so which trinket combo would be good for each spec? 


Thank you all! :)

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UVLS is still a staple for Demonology, yes.  UVLS is also great for Affliction, if luck is with you.  You can't hold onto the power of UVLS as long with Affliction, but you can spread it's buff much easier.


Affliction: Unsure as to optimal trinket setup, but UVLS and anything with a stacking INT proc will do well here.  Cleave trinkets work well with Affliction on AoE fights.


Demonology: UVLS/Bindings FTW.

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