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I have the Head, Shoulder, Ring and Wrist legendaries but I can't decide which legendary works well with the Shoulder one for single target damage. Sim results show that Shoulder+Ring combination slightly better as their effects don't rely on RNG. But I didn't see anyone using that combination in top guilds. I tested both of these combinations on Heroic Desolate Host, but I couldn't tell because of the target switching and lose of wound stacks due.

Therefore, I have no idea if Bursting Sores+Apocalypse can out-DPS RNG based multiple bursts. What do you guys think?

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Out of what you have, I would go with shoulders and ring for aoe and shoulders and wrist for ST.


Bear in mind that Sims can sometimes assume be a bit off as they assume a perfect rotation and perfect gameplay, the one time the pug tank moves the boss and you have to move can kill you for instance. 

Best methodology I can recommend is to try them out on a target dummy for 5 mins and record your dps over the 5 mins and see how it looks.  After that, jump into a LFR and see how you get on with more movement and chaos in general. 

And have fun with it, thats a bigger part of leet dps than most will admit.

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