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We're Amnach, 
a brand new Horde guild on Kazzak-EU, and we're looking for YOU! 
What started out as a bunch of boys and girls rerolling on a new realm, is now looking to expand it's small yet motivated community.
At the moment our focus lies with building a nice and friendly environment for everyone with the same mindset. Of Course we'll run the occasional raid once we're up to speed, once we have enough people, we'll discuss dates and hours for these.
But for now, take a drink, grab a cookie, hit me up in-game and let's get things started!
So whether you're looking to raid, run mythics, do some PvP, collect some achievements, or whatever else you can do in this game, we're gonna try to make that happen!
If you like what you read, or want some more information, contact me here or in-game and we'll have a nice chit-chat.


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