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Long time Destro lock looking for help with Affli and Demo

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Hello Warlocks of Icy Veins, longtime lurker here tongue.png


I used to raid as Destro since I started playing again this xpack, and did fine. But with this patch I switched over to Affli and Demo and I feel like I am not maximising my damage/making mistakes.


Armoury: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Creshnak/simple


I feel like I have opening rotations down from and generally have the spell prios right during the fights. But is it just my gear? Or are Warlocks just not that good at damage anymore? I'd really appreciate it if someone could take a look and point out anything I do wrong that needs to be fixed. We're a small guild that started raiding really late and we're slowly catching up, and I really want to contribute my best to the group.






It does seem my uptime for my DoTs in both specs seems to be much lower then desired, is it merely that?


If I manage to salvage the logs of last night's Galakras I will be posting those as well, that fight did not feel good - at all.


There are some more logs up there, I hope these are the ones you could use best?



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first of all, get a UVLS from lei-shen. any grade of it is fine but obviously you should shoot for a heroic version (look into openraid for a heroic run). your DPS as demo will just not compete with other demo locks until you get one.


as for lock performance overall, we are in extremely good standing for almost every boss in the entire tier.


anyways a quick look at your sha of pride logs:

- you only have 17 TOC casts in a 7:36 fight? this is VERY bad and means you are not spending much time in metamorphosis

- you are using void ray too much. its fury cost is too high to spam it in AOE situations. this would definitely contribute to dropping out of metamorphosis. you should just save it for CW, another immolation aura, or carrion swarm. if you get the killing blow on the self-reflections, you'll get a bunch of bonus fury and carrion swarm is the easiest way to do this.

- 24% uptime on metamorphosis is WAAAAAY too low. this is the root of your DPS woes. meta is a huge DPS boost across the board and your play needs to revolve around high meta uptime during procs. 

- your DOT uptime is actually fine


lastly, get a UVLS if you want to play demo.

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You may want to see the latest changes to warlocks and the UVLS in particular as it relates to Warlocks, then edit your post.  :(

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(Sorry in case this is a bit of a necro)


But thanks mediocregatsby for pointing out the serious mistake I was making. My Demo DPS went up a lot and I am paying a lot more atttention to my cooldowns/procs and having them happen together with a nice burst of Demon form.

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