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Drunken Tank Question's

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I'll start this off quikly with an armory link http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nagrand/Alyana/simple


This is my Monk, 534 all gemmed / enchanted and reforged monk.


Sadly i'm overhit, by a ton, ive regemmed and reforged all my hit away so pleace ignore it, i'll fix that later.


My problem is just that i feel i'm underpreforming when i'm solo farming.


For instance i was out on the Dino isle trying to solo farm for some bones, i had serious issues tanking 2-3 baby Dinos together, and if itried to kill 3 small + 1-2 of the big once i got demolished, and i've seen other monks do this.


Normaly i would start off the fight something along this line:


Keg smash > blackout kick > palm strike > jab/exp harm > keg > keep shuffeling and exp harm / jab to build up chi and plam strike before Guard, purify if the bar turns yellow / close to yellow.

Any advice on how other tank's have done this and not died to the massive damage?


My other problem is a lovely trinket that i've wanted for a long time, Rune of Re-Origination, but after that time ive tried to figure out if it's even worth it as a brew tank to build around it, so my question is simple, is it?


My last question is about addon's.

Does anyone know off a good up-to date addon that will show me my buffs and when they are about to fade, and that will also show me my stagger in color + number


Thanks for reading and i'm sorry about what i can only believe is a massive mess of grammar, if anything is unclear please ask

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Hi Drakonia, dont worry about the hit right now, you are having this problem because almost all your gear is from the timeless island, with not too many sockets and little room for "customization"; once you start getting SoO gear you'll see your hit going down and other useful stats going up. This is why you are being "demolish" also, with only 9% mastery you'll see lots of spike dmg. My suggestion would be, dont worry too much, keep doing LFRs/Flex and you'll see a BIG change when you change your gear.


I don't see anything wrong with your rotation, but here is very good guide by one of the best brewmaster monks out there: http://sunniersartofwar.com/brewmaster-guide/

He doesnt only mention the basic rotation, he goes deep in every spell with tips and tricks on when to use them. If you have time, read some of his posts in the "blog" section, he talks about 5.4, bosses, gear, trinkets, lots of useful stuff. Which brings me to your last question, the one regarding AddOns, if you go to User Interface ( http://sunniersartofwar.com/user-interface/ ) you'll see a good UI for brewmaster. Weak Auras will do everything you asked for, here you can find everything you need to know about the AddOn, including strings:  http://sunniersartofwar.com/brewmaster-weak-auras/


Hope it helps, 

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I also would recommend looking into a custom Mr. Robot weight to stack mastery > haste > crit. For soloing, you want a lot of mastery to soak big hits.

Sunnier is a great place to get weak auras for brew masters.

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Mastery is NOT good for soloing. Crit is going to be the best...not only does that stat provide the most overall dmg mitigation which is good for soloing, but it also increases your DPS the most as well. I would put everything into Crit, then haste, and lastly mastery if you have to, but it's not going to be helpful. 


I have a 545 BM, and I can solo anything on the Isle (though, sometimes it can take *forever*)



I also would recommend looking into a custom Mr. Robot weight to stack mastery > haste > crit. For soloing, you want a lot of mastery to soak big hits.

Sunnier is a great place to get weak auras for brew masters.

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Why would being able to take bigger hits not be useful for soloing? I mean, yea crit can work just as well, but if you're taking way too spiky damage mastery will help smooth it out by allowing you to just purify it off. (even more so if you have T15 4pc for free purifying)

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At the end of the day, killing things faster > Staggering more.

Brewmasters have a ton of damage reduction spells, so having to Stagger more damage isn't necessarily useful, since you should be able to mitigate most of the damage anyway.

Now, talent choice is important for soloing.

Your armory may not be accurate for what you use for soloing but I run the following:

1. Tiger's Lust - Momentum is handy, but TL is absolutely invaluable for putting distance between yourself and the mob. TL away during a mob's cast and throw a few Healing Spheres on yourself to top up if you need to - I use this all the time when soloing.

2. Chi Wave - Essential. Zen Sphere is not strong enough when you're soloing and Chi Burst is useless.

3. None of them really affect soloing. I use Ascension so I can stack less haste and more crit.

4. Charging Ox Wave/Leg Sweep - I use COW because I'm much better at positioning myself for it, however Leg Sweep is just as good. RoP is only situationally useful and almost never better than the stuns. I like to pull a group, Keg Smash, and COW to give myself a few damage-free seconds to get Shuffle up. No idea if it works on the dinos though.

5. Healing Elixirs - Essential. You should be Purifying often when soloing, or using Elusive Brew as much as possible, and the healing you get from this can and will save your life. In solo situations it faaaar outclasses Dampen Harm and Diffuse Magic.

6. Xuen - I use Xuen for soloing because I rarely pull large groups at a time. I know monks are notorious for taking the most spike damage of all tanks, especially if you're stacking crit (I do have a few stam enchants to help smooth a little bit however), so I never try to bite off more than I can chew. RJW therefore becomes less useful. However, Xuen will pump out tons of damage. When soloing you can build up a looot of Vengeance and that makes Xuen hit like a truck. Often killing something quickly is the best way to survive.

You should also try not to AoE too too much - if you're constantly switching targets, you are playing as a tank in a raid and not helping yourself. Try to train yourself to focus one target at a time and cleave the others; in essence, play like a DPS.

Finally, some glyphs are better than others. If you are pretty good at picking up Gift of the Ox spheres (I'm not) and if you have high uptime on Elusive Brew, and your CD staggering is impeccable, you might consider Glyph of Guard to give you some extra self-healing. Personally, I prefer the damage reduction.

Fortuitous Spheres can save your life. Enduring Spheres is really good if you lay Healing Spheres down before engaging, so that they don't expire.

And then CD usage. I tend to do something like this for soloing (for some bosses; normally Healing Elixirs is better):

1. Guard

2. Elusive Brew + Dampen Harm

3. Guard (when Dampen Harm drops)

4. Fortifying Brew + Elusive Brew

6. Guard


Zen Med if you really need to mitigate something heavy.

Granted, I don't solo a lot anymore, mostly Warbringers and Cata raids; but hopefully some of this stuff helps.

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